6 Ways to Preserve the Flowers You’ll Receive on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s most likely you’d be receiving some flowers from your Valentine. As much as we would want our flowers to last us our whole lifetime, they usually last only up to a few days. Here is a guide to preserving your flowers by re-purposing them to everyday essentials to remind you of that special moment in time.

6 Ways to Preserve the Flowers You’ll Receive on Valentine's Day

Start by pressing your flowers between the pages of a book, then placing more books on top of that one. In about 2 weeks time, your flowers would have dried out and flattened. Then, you may stick them on a picture frame or shadow box and display them on your home to admire your flowers for years to come.


Add them to your phone case
Want a boho chic phone case? Your dried, pressed flowers could be the key to your phone’s new look. Simply take a clear phone case and stick on your pressed flowers. Once the glue is completely dry, simply snap your phone right into place.


Use them in your journal
Add more color to your journal by sticking your flowers on it! This is perfect as you could write down the memories associated with it. You can choose to tape or glue them down or add loose flowers in between the pages. Let your creativity flow!


Make coasters
Sipping your favorite drink has never become this stylish! Creating your coasters with your flowers can be done with some epoxy resin and time. These can be a perfect addition to your home decor or a gift to someone special. You can also spice up your coasters by adding the greenery from your bouquet!


Turn them into jewelry
Preserving your flowers into jewelry gives it a whole lot more meaning and makes it extra special! In a similar way to the process of making coasters, you can also customize and add as many or little flowers as you want. The possibilities are endless and no 2 pieces would look the same. From pendants, to rings, earrings, and more, these pieces are definitely worth wearing around.

Make a floral wreath display
Who said wreaths are just for Christmas? Give this a try to add a pop of color to your home! A grapevine wreath or wire loop and floral wire is all you need for this project. Arrange the flowers according to your taste and extra embellishments as you wish. Use the floral wire to attach the flowers. Hang them on your wall or door, they’re perfect for garden parties and to remember the special moment you received them.


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