10 Ways You Can Save On Weddings Costs as Told by These Savvy Brides

Let’s talk about wedding budgets. No matter how much pre-planning you do or the amount of self-control you think you may have, wedding budgets have this uncanny ability to grow a life of its own. Fortunately for us, we can learn more than a few tips and tricks on the ways you can save on wedding costs from savvy brides who have been there, done that. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to planning a wedding, but we can all definitely learn something from the experiences of brides before us. Stick to the overall budget? Check. Have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of? Check. It’s possible to do both! Keep on reading to find out the 10 things we learned about budgeting and wedding planning from these B&B brides.

10 Ways You Can Save On Weddings Costs as Told by These Savvy Brides

(Header) Prioritize your wish list. 

Of course you want your wedding day to be perfect and you’re willing to go the extra mile to make that happen. It’s important to have an amazing team of suppliers supporting you, but it’s also not essential to have it all. After finalizing your budget, prioritize your non-negotiables when it comes to suppliers and keep an open mind when canvassing for alternatives. Ask yourselves if you really need each item on your wish list or if it’s just nice to have. Once the priorities are clear, you will be much more confident and flexible when making the big decisions.

Photographer: Myio Okamoto | Real Wedding: This Couple’s Savvy Budgeting Helped Them Pull-Off Their Dream Wedding!


(Header) Limit the number of guests.

The math on this one is simple. The fewer the guests, the smaller the venue; the fewer the heads to feed, the smaller the cost. The number of guests present on your wedding day does not reflect how special or how grand the celebration. In fact, many recently married couples have shared just how much they loved having an intimate guest list. You have more than enough time to interact with all your loved ones and enjoy their company throughout the festivities.

Photographer: Jath and Yhen Photo Art Works | Real Wedding: This Minimalist Wedding Had Few Guests and Suppliers, but Was Complete with All the Feels!


(Header) Order your wedding dress online.

If there’s a skill that’s been developed the most in the past year, it must be online shopping. We’ve all mastered the art of ordering everything—from our groceries to our gadgets—from our screens and patiently waiting for their arrival on our doorstep. You can definitely apply your hard-earned shopping skills when searching for the wedding dress of your dreams. Just remember to do the research and carefully read up on reviews and measurements, so there are no surprises during delivery.

Photographer: Civeographer | Real Wedding: This Bride Bought Her Wedding Dress on Lazada!


(Header) Design your own wedding invitations and printed collaterals.

Feeling a little creative? There are numerous free online tools and D.I.Y. guides at your disposal, no matter your current skillset or experience. Take some time to scan the different templates and guides and think of ways you can personalize them to be truly your own. Use a palette of your favorite colors, include a polaroid photo, and choose details that hold a special meaning to you as a couple. A little tip? Ask a pair of fresh eyes to proofread your work before sending it to the printing press. It’ll cost much less to ask this favor than to reprint at the last minute.

Photographer: Enshong Miranda Photography | Real Wedding: This Couple Spent Only P50,000 for Their Dream Wedding!


(Header) Celebrate at home.

It’s been said that home is where the heart is, which is why it would make an excellent wedding venue too, don’t you agree? With your home as the venue, you have full control of what’s allowed and what’s restricted and you can also spare yourselves from pesky venue rental and corkage fees. More than the savings, you can also consider how unique and personalized to your love story every detail can be when you choose to have your wedding in your own home.

Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios | Real Wedding: Neutral Colors and Lush Greenery Made This Backyard Wedding Look So Elegant!


(Header) D.I.Y. the reception styling.

After all, who better knows what you want and have always dreamed of for your big day? There is an endless supply of inspiration online as well as countless suppliers for every styling element on your moodboard. As the bride, your wedding day preps schedule will be packed, even without all the D.I.Y. details. Gather a team of your most artistic and detail-oriented friends pre-wedding day and show them a mock-up of your reception styling vision so that on the day itself, you can let go and trust your team to execute.

Photographer: Jay Jay Lucas | Real Wedding: This Bride Chose to Get Ready with Her Groom and Personally Arrange Her Bouquet and Tablescapes!


(Header) Decorate without flowers.

A wedding without flowers? Nothing is impossible for a bride on a mission! Fresh greenery and lush foliage can bring that touch of nature to your styling. Paired with vibrant fabric, romantic candlelight, and other rustic elements, your guests won’t even notice the missing flora. As for the bridesmaid bouquets as they walk down the aisle, you can get creative and incorporate flower patterns on their dresses or floral appliqués in their accessories.

Photographer: Shootme Photo | Real Wedding: No Flowers, No Problem: This Bride Chose Floral Dresses for Her Bridesmaids Instead


(Header) Opt for locally-sourced and in-season.

Now is the best time to show some love to everything local. From your flowers, to your favors, to the ingredients of your reception menu, choose items and ingredients that are locally-sourced and in season. If you’re worried your guests may be more familiar with imported flowers and fare, challenge yourself to surprise them with how beautiful local can be. You’ll save a fortune on transportation costs, while helping out your fellow countrymen too.

Photographer: Fishcrackers Photography | Real Wedding: This Couple Planned Their Civil Wedding with a Budget of P150,000


(Header) Bake your own wedding cake.

If the bride is a great at time management as well as kitchen management, then there’s no reason she can’t step up to the task of baking her own wedding cake. Smaller guests lists meant less stomachs to feed, so a single edible-tier cake may just suffice. Leave the frosting on the day to a trusted friend and ask your florist to line the cake with few fresh blooms or loose petals for that dainty, rustic touch.

Photographer: The Lovestrings Studios | Real Wedding: This Couple Mixed Up Industrial and Rustic Details for a Cozy Wedding to Remember


(Header) Stream music from Spotify.

While a church choir or a live band would be a lovely choice, there are also some things left to be admired about a carefully curated playlist. Not only will you save money, but you can also easily share the soundtrack of your special day with a Spotify QR code printed next to the table numbers or dinner menus. Don’t try and do it all yourself—you’ll still need a trusted friend or your wedding coordinator to line up song requests from guests and cue songs during key moments of the program.

Photographer: Everafter Stories | Real Wedding: This Practical Bride Bought Her Dress Online and Streamed Wedding Music Through Spotify



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