This Couple Spent Only P50,000 for Their Dream Wedding!

The story of Guilly and Dominique shows us that it’s completely possible to have a dream wedding even without a budget that goes through the roof! They set a budget of P50,000 and they committed to that amount until the end. With only six short weeks to plan everything, they definitely pulled it off! These shots by Enshong Miranda Photography shows us the beautiful DIY-ed details like the invitations and reception decor, and the cozy luncheon at a cafe with just 24 of the couple’s closest friends and family dining together in one table. Unfazed by the “must-haves” or “should-haves” typical of weddings, Guilly and Dominique made their special day truly their own without burning deep holes in their pockets. We talked to Dominique and got to know more about her experience. Check out her budget advice below!

This Couple Spent Only P50,000 for their Dream Wedding!

"We have always reminded ourselves to just buy whatever is necessary. Whenever there's something we want to add on our list, we'd ask ourselves 'Will we not be wed without this?' If yes, then we have to buy or consider it. If not, then we’ll scratch it off." Dominique, Bride

"Our guests list started with 110 people and we knew that would entail expenses way beyond our budget. So, we decided to just have our immediate family and very close friends who were our bridal entourage as well." Dominique, Bride

"The most expensive item on our wedding list is our wedding rings. This is the only item we splurged on since we know that this will be the symbol of our marriage for a lifetime. So we had to pick something that will definitely stand the test of time. For the other things, we made it a point to be as reasonable as possible." Dominique, Bride

"We DIY-ed our invitations from the layout to cutting it and sealing it with a sentimental touch because the flowers we attached are part of the very first bouquet my husband gave to me. We also DIY-ed the layout and printing of the photos displayed in the luncheon venue. We also DIY-ed my veil. We purchased it on an online sale and added pearl accents all over it. The church décor, cake, welcome board and even my wedding gown were personally designed by us." Dominique, Bride

"We really sat down and discussed our financial standing and what kind of wedding we can afford with the options laid out. Sure, we can choose the half a million wedding, but it’ll take us more than a couple of years to save up. We mutually agreed that our wedding is just the beginning of our lives together, and if there’s something we should save up for, it should be our future family and not the ceremony." Dominique, Bride

It will surely be a challenge, but seeing our collaborative efforts come together was our first successful project as husband and wife." Dominique, Bride


Photographer: Enshong Miranda Photography / Reception Venue: Pane e Dolci Cafe / Bride’s Dress: Lovemitzhi Clothing / Makeup Artist: Jerwin Fabre, Janna Rivera / Bouquet: RJ Flower Shop


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