How to Plan A Wedding on A Budget: Here Are 8 Savvy Tips

Getting engaged and planning your wedding makes you fly high with excitement! Your wedding mood board (that you’ve been saving long before your partner even proposed) will finally come to life. But before you start booking suppliers, there’s still the matter of your wedding budget. A budget doesn’t have to put the breaks on your dreams though. Budgeting is always personal and there’s no one-size-fits-all amount in order to create the wedding that you want. Be assured that beautiful weddings don’t have to be costly. What makes a wedding truly memorable is simply what makes you genuinely happy. After all, the essence of a wedding is to celebrate your love and union.

There are still savvy tips and tricks you can try out so you don’t risk overspending or having a shortage on wedding funds. We’ve encountered several budget wedding hacks and inspirations, so we’re sharing them with you right here. Read on!

Set A Clear Budget Based on Your Financial Situation

When wedding planning, you want to be practical and frugal without sacrificing the things that will really spark joy in you like the makeup artist you’ve been dreaming of booking or the photographer you’ve been following for years. Have the budget talk with your partner first before you proceed with the rest of your planning. Your budget will help steer the course of how you’ll go about wedding preparations. Think of your priorities and set an amount you are both comfortable with. Consider your plans for the future while you’re establishing your wedding budget. Some of these plans might be investing in a house or saving for a vacation together after the wedding.

Real Weddings: This Couple Spent Only P50,000 for Their Dream Wedding / Photographer: Enshong Miranda Photography


Decide on the Kind of Wedding You Want
While you’re setting a budget, it’s best to consider what type of wedding you want to have. Is it an intimate wedding with 50 people or maybe less? Would you want to have an immediate family-only event or an elopement perhaps? Talk about the kind of wedding you envision and how you wish to celebrate your special day. Remember that the size and scale of your wedding will affect the costs.

Real Weddings: Just the Two of Us: A Romantic Elopement on a Cliff 4,000 Miles Away from Home / Photographer: Fabio Oliveira


Allocate Your Budget Based on Your Priorities
As a rule of thumb, you may want to prioritize the must-have suppliers such as venue and caterer. Ask yourselves what are the things that a wedding simply cannot live without? What would help make your wedding happen? Make a list of suppliers and write down your top five first. This could be photo and video team, venue, caterer, coordinator, wedding rings, and the like. Your non-negotiables are up to you, but be sure to start with the major elements. Don’t get too caught up in gimmicks or the small details because these can add up to the costs without you realizing it! If there’s a supplier you really want, you can allocate a higher percentage of your budget for that vendor and lower your allocation for the rest.

Real Weddings: This Couple Planned Their Civil Wedding with a Budget of P150,000 / Photographer: Fishcrackers Photography


Be Consistent
Do not be swayed by too many online inspirations. It’s great to have pegs and samples, but this could also become a double-edged sword. The more “inspiration” you find online, the more prone you are to adding and changing details which could blow up your expenses. Sometimes, the details you see from other weddings could be unnecessary for yours. Set the theme and motif you want and stick to it. Consistency is key.

Real Weddings: See the Beauty of Simplified Details in This Intimate Wedding / Photographer: Ravie Wong Photography


Curate Your Guest List
A smaller guest list can help lower costs. If you’d rather not spend too much on catering and a venue that can accommodate more people, you may want to consider having a limited guest count. You don’t always have to invite every person that you know, especially while we are still observing quarantine protocols. You can also have a wedding livestream instead of inviting more than 50 people to attend your wedding in-person. Think of the people whom you truly want to be there with you. If we are permitted to have a higher number of people in one room, you can always consider including more of your extended relatives if you wish.

Real Weddings: Take Home Meals and a Coffee Cart: This Couple Had a Chill yet Meaningful Intimate Wedding in Bataan / Photographer: Toto Villaruel


Look for Deals Online
There are a lot of great deals and discounts from online stores. You can consider shopping online for items such as a ready-to-wear bridal attire. Just be sure to do your diligent research and carefully read through reviews so you know you’re still paying for good quality items. Sometimes, you might also find seasonal promos and discounts from your favorite suppliers.

Real Weddings: This Bride Spent Only P3,500 by Online Shopping for Her Entire Wedding Ensemble / Photographer: Dan Rivera


Do Your Research
Doing research will work in your favor! Spend some time gathering information about a vast range of suppliers. Don’t be limited to just one or two. You can easily search for suppliers on social media. Take a close look at their work and see if they fit your style and, of course, your budget. Inquire about their services and ask about their packages if applicable. Give yourself some time to compare costs and services across other suppliers before you make a decision.

Real Weddings: This Couple’s Savvy Budgeting Helped Them Pull-Off Their Dream Wedding / Photographer: Myio Okamoto


DIY, if possible
DIY is always a savvy tip! You can cut costs by designing your own invitation templates, crafting your table decorations, making your own wedding favors, playing music from your personal playlist and more. If you have friends and relatives who have the talent for DIY, go ahead and ask for their help. It’s a fun idea to make your wedding preparations an affair where everyone you love can be involved. Surely they’d love to help you out as well!

Real Weddings: This Couple Filled Their Wedding with Meaningful DIY Details That Will Make Your Heart Melt / Photographer: Owen and Nikka Photography

Apart from the budgeting, don’t ever forget to enjoy the wedding planning process!

If you’re looking for more budget wedding tips, take a look at our articles on budget mistakes couples make and how to avoid them and how to shop online for your wedding attire.

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