Wedding Planners Talk About The Biggest Budget Mistakes Couples Make and How To Avoid Them!

There are some couples who get too excited about booking suppliers, while others lose track of how much they’re already spending. You might not even realize that you’re shelling out thousands for things you don’t even need! But don’t worry, because we’re here to help. We asked a couple of professional wedding planners about some of the most common wedding budget mistakes brides and grooms are prone to making and how you can avoid them. Check out their expert advice!

Wedding Planners Talk About The Biggest Budget Mistakes Couples Make and How To Avoid Them!

Budget Mistake 1: Spending on Minor Details First

While you might think the smaller purchases won’t hurt you now, they will still add up to your total costs!

“Going all out on the smaller details, like giveaways, robes, costumes, and gimmicks leaves less room for the more important suppliers like lights and sounds and Church needs. It sometimes compromises the quality of other items as well,” says Chinkie Uy, Metro Eventscape Planners

“At times, couples book minor suppliers first, spend too much on them and then realize that they no longer have the money for the biggest items,” says Ycoy Sitchon, La Belle Fete Weddings and Events

“There are a lot of couples who are unsure of how to spend their wedding budget. Splurging on the small details will make your expenses go up,” says Amanda Tirol, Events by Amanda Tirol


The Solution: Prioritize Your Need-to-Have Items and Major Expenses

Establish your priorities and what elements your wedding simply cannot live without. If food is important to you, then splurge on the caterer and see how much you can cut back on the rest. Major expenses often include the venue, catering, photographer, and videographer.

“We suggest booking the caterer first so you can allocate more budget for food rather than splurge first on souvenirs and other good-to-have items. Having a hierarchy of priorities together with the allotted budget will give you a firm direction on where to splurge and save.” says Ycoy Sitchon, La Belle Fete Weddings and Events

“Prioritize your basic suppliers such as coordinators and your photo and video team. I also suggest making an expense sheet and writing how much you are willing to pay for each of the categories like photographers, videographers, stylist, entertainment, and the like. That way it will be easier to adjust in case there are some parts where you will need more allocation.” says Amanda Tirol, Events by Amanda Tirol



Budget Mistake 2: Having a Limited Range of Suppliers

Not getting to know enough suppliers will limit your options and you might even end up wasting money.

“It doesn’t always equate that the most expensive suppliers are the best in the industry. There are also instances where brides and grooms tend to book all-in packages because of numerous inclusions even if they don’t need some items, or worse, if some are substandard. Couples do not mind the quality anymore just to get the seemingly low overall price,” says Jets and Rhona Battung, Canaan Celebrations by Jets and Rhona

“There are some couples who haphazardly list down their suppliers without the knowledge of the current pricing,” says Ycoy Sichon, La Belle Fete Weddings

The Solution: Research, Research, Research!

Look up reviews, go to wedding fairs, and familiarize yourself with a wide range of suppliers and their quality of work!

“It helps to do your diligent research from across high-end, mid-range, to lower ranges, and base sound decisions on output and reviews. Down the spectrum, you'll find a supplier that you will be most willing to spend on, without compromising quality of service and your preference.  Booking only those that are needed and getting more reliable  suppliers will give better value for your hard-earned money.” says Jets and Rhona Battung, Canaan Celebrations by Jets and Rhona


Budget Mistake 3: Copying Too Much From Online Pegs

Be careful with finding inspiration online. Not all of those pretty items are feasible for your budget.

“Everything you need is already available online from scouting, reading reviews, booking, paying, and so much more. But sometimes, this ease becomes dangerous when couples wish to incorporate everything they find online into their own wedding. They keep on disposing, changing or adding details from online inspirations. Result is waste of money or spending more than planned,” says Jets and Rhona Battung, Canaan Celebrations by Jets and Rhona

The Solution: Make Your Wedding Your Own!

Don’t feel pressured to make your wedding just like the ones you see online. Let your personality shine through, and no matter how much you spend, you’re sure to have a beautiful celebration!

“Brides and grooms should make it their own wedding. They shouldn’t be pressured to do things outside their comfort zone or belief system. They should identify the distinction between must-haves and nice-to-haves. They can make use of things family members or friends can provide,” says Jets and Rhona Battung, Canaan Celebrations by Jets and Rhona


Budget Mistake 4: Having Expectations Higher Than Your Budget

It’s okay to want the best for your wedding, but there are times when we want too much of what we can’t afford.

“Couples want a lot of high-end things but sometimes their budget is not enough. They should be oriented on the different price levels of wedding suppliers,” says Kutchie Zaldarriaga, Getting Married Philippines The Solution: Manage Your Expectations Before You Start Planning

Avoid all the frustration by being practical and knowing which items and suppliers are within your means. With some creativity, you can still have the wedding of your dreams while sticking to your budget.

“The best way to guide soon-to-wed couples is to help them create a clear image of their dream wedding. Then, manage expectations based on pricing and quotations of suppliers. Do not be ashamed to project a budget that is not of crazy proportions either. Set within your means. Know your maximum, have a clear image in mind, and stick to the budget! ” says Chinkie Uy, Metro Eventscape Planners

“A good solution is asking them their working budget and plotting it via a budget worksheet. It also helps if the couple knows what they exactly want and are not swayed by trends or what they see in other weddings,” says Kutchie Zaldarriaga, Getting Married Philippines


So, don’t get overwhelmed by the many suppliers and must-have items to create a wedding. Your big day doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s! Stay calm, make a list of your expenses, and just remember what really matters most in making your wedding day truly special for you.

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