5 Ways to Prepare for Your Very First Home!

Aside from choosing your wedding dress and taste testing the food for your wedding day, another big project that you and your fiancé need to go through is planning your own home. Where will you live after the wedding? What are the things you need to buy? Which couch should you purchase? And the list of questions go on and on. It will sure feel like playing house but in real life and with real big decisions to make. So, we’re helping you get a head start if you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Very First Home!

1. Decide whether you’ll buy or rent

Depending on your priorities as a couple, decide whether you’ll look for a rental space or if you’ll purchase a home. If your priority is accessibility and an immediate move in, then a condo unit might be your best pick. If you have the luxury of time, building your home from ground up is also a good option. What’s important is you and your partner come to an agreement as to where you’ll build your new life together.


2. Look for design themes that you like

This is the exciting part! Start going through your feed for home inspirations. Are you the type of couple who like interiors that are light and airy? Or are you a fan of dark and eclectic designs? The items that you choose for your home will highly depend on the overall theme and colors you choose.


3. Sign up for a wedding gift registry

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your home, you can now choose specific items that fall under that category. Sign up for a Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond Gift Registry to make things easier for you so your guests can help fill up your home with items that you actually love. From kitchen items to your bedroom needs, having a gift registry is very practical!


4. Know your non-negotiables

Planning for your own home is so exciting because you call the shots. You dictate how you want it to look like and what are the items that you want inside it. Discuss as a couple which elements you both want prioritized. Is your non-negotiable a king size bed or maybe a complete kitchen. No matter what it is, you’ll have an easier and more enjoyable time planning when you’re on the same page.


5. Set a target date

How much time do you actually have until the official move in? Know your target date then plan backwards. This way you can manage all the tasks in a realistic way and you’ll be able to set mini deadlines as you go through the process. Happy home planning! You’ll definitely enjoy it!

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