5 Unconventional Wedding Gifts Every Couple Will Love to Receive

The search for the perfect wedding gift is over! Straying away from the wedding registry could be the right move, especially if you know the couple tying the knot. You know their likes, dislikes, and what they will appreciate the most. Keep your gifts unique and personalized! Today, we’re listing down a couple of useful and thoughtful gifts that any newlywed couple will surely appreciate.


1. A spa appointment

After all that wedding planning, the bride and groom will definitely love to have a pamper session! There’s nothing like relieving one’s body from all that tension and stress to refresh and jumpstart their new life as a married couple.


2. A wedding attire cleaning package

The bridal dress will always be memorable to the bride–it’ll remind her of one of the most memorable days in her life with just one look. Of course, getting a gorgeous white dress dirty on the day of your wedding is inevitable. Give your friends the gift of cleaning their wedding dress and suit by Jeeves Manila so they can look good as new, and can let them preserve the beautiful memory of their wedding! Believe me, this gift is something so practical and will be very much appreciated by the couple.


3. A healthy food delivery subscription

Cooking and prepping meals can take up a lot of your time. With all the post-wedding tasks they have to cross off their long list of to-do’s, I’m sure gifting them with healthy and delicious food delivered to their doorstop is something they’ll be sending you heaps of thank you cards for!


4. A gym membership

For couples who enjoy an active lifestyle, how about a gym subscription? Make sure your newlywed friends don’t neglect their fitness and health by getting them a gym membership near their new home!


5. A plane ticket

Who wouldn’t say yes to a getaway? Let your newlywed friends enjoy themselves at the beach, in a country they both love, or to a place they’ve never been to before! Perfect for couples with extreme wanderlust, a plane ticket is a great way for them to make beautiful memories together that they’ll only have you to thank for.

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