How to Cut Down on Alcohol Costs for Your Wedding: Part I

One of the most fun and crucial parts of the wedding: alcohol! Whether it’s for your reception or for your afterparty, there are a ton of things you have to consider when you’re planning the booze for you and your guests. We all know how expensive having an open bar and planning for your alcohol on your wedding day can be, so let’s take a look at some ways you can cut down on alcohol costs and stick to your budget!


Your venue could dictate everything about your bar. For example, hotels would want to provide the alcohol bottles, but bringing them in yourself and bargaining for a lump sum corkage fee might be more economical. But if you opt for a rented venue, you can freely decide every single detail in your bar, which would be more cost effective without paying a hefty corkage fee. Another thing to consider is how many of your guests will actually drink. Knowing that percentage will be handy in making your alcohol menu. This will also help you set a budget for the booze. Only after you have a number in mind, will planning get smoother. For example, if you’re planning to serve single malt versus blended whiskey, you’ll need to have a bigger budget since the cost of a single malt bottle would be double or more than blended.


Are they whiskey drinkers? Are they gin drinkers? Is your crowd the cocktail kind? Do they like it on the rocks or neat? A lot of this plays a big role in terms of the bottle count. You’d like to spend money on the bottles that will get consumed, and not just go for anything and everything. Remember less is more. Lesser variety, more booze!


Is it worth the added cost to get a mixologist? We say, yes! Your mixologist will be your best friend. It’s easy to spend so much time on all the other wedding preps, that you might forget about who will actually man the bar during your big day. Trust your mixologist as he/she will keep your bar flowing.

First, quality and portion control. You’ll have guests who will want to have more than usual with it being an open bar, but your mixologist will handle this situation by being firm on what you’ve agreed upon. Second, bottle count and segregation. If you’re getting your mixers from a third party, your mixologist will help you acquire it and make sure it’s in your bar. Third, according to your budget and liquor preference, he/she will advise you on how to go about your bar and how to cut costs. For example, picking a whiskey that can be both mixed in a cocktail and simply having it on the rocks can be a suggestion made by your mixologist.


Keeping it small and classy has always been the most cost-effective tip. Having a smaller variety that can be mixed and matched will be extremely easy to handle, plus you won’t have unnecessary wastage in the end. Pro tip: Using fresh garnish and bitters immediately makes your bar expensive. Have your caterer arrange for some herbs, and use that to jazz up your cocktails!


Receiving alcohol might not be the most conventional item you can get for your wedding. Most couples would opt for items that are essential to their future home, as indicated in their gift registry. However, if you’re meaning to find ways to spend less on alcohol for your wedding, you can always have this special request! You can simply indicate in your invite that you are also open to receiving bottles of alcohol as gifts. Don’t forget to include a list they can choose from!


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