6 Reasons Why This Classy Hotel is a Great Choice for Weddings in the South

Everyone knows how life in the South is more slow-paced and relaxed compared to the city. If this is the sort of feel you crave for your big day, then you’re definitely going to want to check this classy five-star hotel out. The Bellevue Manila brings you a home away from home, making an upscale yet laid-back wedding within your grasp! Find out why this hotel is a great choice for couples who are planning to celebrate their wedding in the South.

6 Reasons Why This Classy Hotel is a Great Choice for Weddings in the South


1. Upscale yet homey hotel experience

Who loves a luxurious, yet relaxing experience for their big day? Of course, as a bride, you would like to feel all fancy and pampered, but it’s also important that you feel relaxed. Well, this hotel provides both the class and homey feel that the South is known for. Not to mention, it’s the only five-star hotel in the South, the first luxury hotel in the area, and it’s been in business for 15 years! The sense of trust paired with the elegant and cozy atmosphere make for a great kick-off to your dream wedding.

Upscale yet homey hotel experience


2. A newly renovated Grand Ballroom

What’s better than a modern and newly designed space? When it has the features to match up, of course! This hotel’s newly renovated Grand Ballroom has built-in LED walls that are commonly used for the couple’s same day edit videos, other audio-visual presentations, and monograms. To add to this, the perfect ambiance for your celebration is totally achievable with the multi-colored LED lights that can be changed according to the mood you want. Talk about a wedding with functionality and personality, ladies.

A newly renovated grand ballroom


3. Top-notch service for smoother wedding planning

As the bride, you’ll be working closely with your wedding suppliers in planning your big day. Having a trusted person by your side who’s there not only to keep things in check–but help calm your nerves too–is important. Good thing this hotel has event managers who can cater to your wedding venue needs. Hands-on, accommodating, and dependable, they’re everything you would want in a person who’ll be assisting you in the months leading up to your wedding, and on the big day itself! Their Events Management Team is dedicated to making your wedding as seamless as can be.

Top-notch service for smoother wedding planning


4. High quality food that your family and friends will enjoy

If you want a truly memorable celebration, remember that having great food is key! Behind every delicious plate is a skillful chef. This hotel’s executive chef, coming all the way from Europe, works his culinary magic by turning familiar flavors into uniquely delicious dishes. You can rest assured your wedding guests will have an amazing night, with their bellies filled and satisfied.

High quality food that your family and friends will enjoy


5. A sophisticated spot for pre- and post-wedding festivities

This hotel’s newly renovated bar area is the perfect spot where you and your guests can relax before or after the wedding celebration. Their Cellar 22’s sleek design, elegant ambiance, and wide assortment of drinks make it a great place to chill and converse with family and friends. Its cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere can definitely put everyone at a state of ease and excitement!

A sophisticated spot for pre- and post-wedding festivities


6. All this and more await you at this hotel!

To cap this all off is a complete wedding package for you. Cutting your wedding supplier hunt in half, this hotel’s wedding packages will certainly help with your wedding planning. From the consultation to the menu tasting, even the pre-wedding location shoot in the hotel, and all the pre-wedding arrangements and actual wedding preparations, their complete wedding packages have you covered. As part of the package, couples will also be given two high-end bridal cars to choose from, a free one to two night stay at the hotel, and a much needed massage treat–now talk about luxury! Providing everything couples can possibly need before, during, and after the wedding, this hotel aims to make happily ever afters come the classy, relaxing, South-style way.

All this and more await you at this hotel!


Classy weddings just got better with The Bellevue Manila! You may reach them through email at tbmnl@thebellevue.com or give them a call at +63(2) 771-8181.

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