How To Get Your Eyebrows On Fleek For Your Wedding Day

In this day and age, we always hear about how kilay is life. We saw the rise of having fuller brows, and the concept of having the perfect brow shape that will suit your face. Ladies, this is also especially true on your wedding day!  You wanna achieve a classic look, and your brows can really help define your face. There are actually quite a few methods on how to get your brows done, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Read on, darlings!

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If you’re very comfortable handling your own brows and this is how you’ve maintained it all your life (or at least since the brow trend came to existence), then you’re better off tweezing! Tweezing your eyebrows is actually more precise if you want to clean things up. There won’t be any extreme redness or irritation, and you can proceed to do the makeup routine you oh-so-love.

This is debatably the most popular way to get your brows done by a professional. It’s best suited for girls with thicker hairs though, as their brows can really be manipulated into a desired shape. It may hurt a little on your first time, especially if the strands on your brows are thick, but the end result is worth it. It lasts for roughly three weeks before the eyebrow hair starts growing back again. You may choose to tweeze them for maintenance, or have them threaded again.

Brow tinting is very similar to coloring your hair, and because of that, it can get pretty high maintenance if you want to keep the color of your brows that vibrant. Brow tints usually fade after four weeks, so it’s best to do it months before your wedding to try and test what it looks like, and just repeat the process a week before your big day. It may be a bit tedious, but if that means not putting eyebrow makeup on for four weeks to save time, then why not?

Micro-blading sounds painful and dangerous, but it’s not. It’s actually a mild tattooing technique, but instead of looking really dark, the strokes that beauticians draw on your brows look like real hairs. It’s a long process and is semi-permanent, lasting up to one to three years before it will fade. This is nice for ladies who have sparse hair, but dark enough to make the hairs just blend in your natural hair.

This is a bolder option than micro-blading and often looks very dark for a few days after the procedure. It will lighten up and look more natural after a week, and it will stay for years. Only do this if you’re confident with the technician. Like micro-blading, it’s best to do this technique months before your wedding day so you have time to adjust to your new look.


The endgame of having your brows done is for you to look beautiful, happy, and satisfied! So enjoy your brow experiments, loves!

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