9 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Invitation Designer

Your invitation suite and the rest of your wedding stationery do more than just give out the details of your wedding–it also sets the tone and overall aesthetic of your big day. You and your wedding stationery designer must agree on a certain look and talk about specifics so that you both don’t get lost. There are so many possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what your invites can look like. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you narrow down the info you want!


1. Can you share your design background?

Getting to know your invite designer will give you an insight on his/her artistic style. They don’t necessarily have to have a degree on design–portfolios and previous work can speak volumes!


2. Do you customize invitations, have templated styles, or both? If so, may I see samples from your portfolio?

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Some designers don’t customize, others don’t have template designs, and a few are flexible enough to offer both. You should always ask for previous work so that you can somehow visualize your own invites!


3. If I have my invites customized, what are the things I need to consider?

Customizing your invites can be very overwhelming. For one, you have to decide on the colors, which will most likely reflect your wedding colors. There are also many types of paper and printing styles you have to think about. Fonts will also be a big factor here, or getting a calligrapher to do your name.


4. What is the word limit for the text?

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Good to know, just in case you wanted to follow a certain format for the wording.


5. After showing my pegs, what styles do you think best fit me and my budget?

Your wedding suppliers are experts, so trusting their opinion is also a good call if you are feeling lost or undecided about what your wedding invites should look like. There are many pegs out there, so it could be tough narrowing it down.


6. Can I order all my other stationery from you besides the invitation suite?

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Think: place cards, labels, table numbers, seating arrangements, envelop addressing, and the like! Ask if they have packages that include everything wedding stationery related too.


7. Can you give me a detailed timeline of this project from the date of payment?

Be mindful of the time! You should be able to send out your invites at least 2 months before your wedding, and your save the dates way before that. To avoid any unnecessary stress and if you have a longer period of planning time, it would be advisable to have your designer do your invites way ahead of time.


8. When is payment due, and what costs should I be aware of?

Rush fees, revisions, and shipping fees should all be on your radar so you can make sure you have enough budget for it. Needless to say, it’s very important to discuss the payment scheme with all of your suppliers to avoid any miscommunication. Ask for a contract that states terms or official receipts.


9. Can I see the design before printing?

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This should definitely not be forgotten! You’d want to check for any spelling errors, last-minute design questions, and the like. Note: at this stage, your invites are pretty much almost done. A complete overhaul of the design will include extra costs–something you should also discuss with the designer.


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