The 5 Traits That Define Brides of Today

You have to admit: Brides of today definitely have way more resources than those from, let’s say, a decade ago! With the ever-evolving technologies, new trends, and fast-paced lifestyle, there are so many ways you can efficiently plan your wedding nowadays. Below are five of the main characteristics of brides of the modern times.


1. Confident

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find a picture online that best represents the ideas in your head. New media has influenced us to adapt to digital and online-based content more often than before, from cutting out photos from magazines, to looking at Pinterest (or Bride and Breakfast!) for visual inspirations. Stuff like your mood board can even be digital as well–and everything is more handy this way, too!


2. Stylish

Well, of course! Brides of today are stylish and particular about every detail–from the gown and shoes, to their robes and makeup–they’re not afraid to accept non-traditional gown trends or bolder looks, but still with a sense of class and luxury.


3. Practical

Modern day brides are organized and very hands-on. With the many options available and open to them, they are able to discern well, and decide on the best approach that doesn’t compromise their taste and budget.


4. Embraces Her Uniqueness

From the soft bridal look to more opaque lip colors, as well as elaborate headpieces and jewelry, these ladies aren’t afraid of letting their character shine through with their bridal look.


5. Open to New Ideas

There are many rising bridal trends now more than ever, and brides are excitedly trying them out. While they don’t completely throw out traditional practices, they are now more open to fresher ways of doing things, which can instantly spruce up a wedding’s look!


All gowns, lingerie, robe, and accessories are from Francis Libiran Bridal and Forever Francis Libiran. Available at the Francis Libiran Bridal store, Greenbelt 5, Makati. You can also reach them at (02) 358-4731.

Bride's Dress, Jewelry, and Lingerie: Francis Libiran Bridal / Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: HG Studio / Flowers: Te Amo Floristeria Manila / Venue: Discovery Primea
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