How Rustic, Boho, and D.I.Y. Captured our Hearts this February 2017

This February, we focused on a lot of heartfelt content, but never strayed from the standard of giving you tips and hacks to make wedding planning a breeze. If you missed out this month on the posts we’ve released, then this is a great place to start–a recap of the most popular things that got people talking.

February 2017 Favorites Rustic, Boho, and D.I.Y.
Erwin Leyros


1. Tips for your prenup session

We gave awesome and practical tips to all of you in order to ace your engagement shoot!


2. This D.I.Y. engagement shoot

Yup, this couple did their engagement shoot on their own! We just loved the vibe of this couple, and how things seemed so effortless yet romantic. Take inspo from this couple by viewing the whole set!


3. Budgeting made easier

There are important things to consider when planning your wedding budget, and we highlighted those concerns here. This is important for any kind of bride who’s in the early stages of her wedding planning!


4. Rustic and Boho weddings took us by storm

Photo: Erwin Leyros

We can definitely see the impact of the love month as we saw that this month’s real weddings were really popular with our readers. The fan favorites? Quite a number of rustic and bohemian weddings! You guys should really check it out–we know you’ll get tons of inspiration from them for sure!


5. Before you book that ballroom

But wait, before you book your ballroom for your reception venue, you gotta ask yourself some questions first! Does it have its own projector? What are the packages you can avail of? We made a list (and checked it twice!) of things to consider before booking your ballroom here!


6. What happens when the reality of marriage sinks in?

Newlyweds, we’ve got you! A wife writes a powerful piece on how she came to various realizations about married life, and how she was able to forge her idea of having a dream wedding and a dream marriage.


7. Planning for your new home

Speaking of newlyweds, we also came up with a list of do’s and don’ts for newly married couples planning for their new home together.


Ready to get your hands on this material? Grab your pens, notebooks, and maybe some tissues as you browse through the posts we released this month. We’re sure you’ll enjoy!

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