It Was All About Wedding Dresses, Shoes, and Details this March 2017!

And just like that, the first quarter of the year is up. How are you guys in your wedding activities so far? If you’re buried deep, we can totally help you with these articles. This March, we discussed a lot of topics related to bridal fashion and planning–the essential things a bride-to-be should know! So […]

How Rustic, Boho, and D.I.Y. Captured our Hearts this February 2017

This February, we focused on a lot of heartfelt content, but never strayed from the standard of giving you tips and hacks to make wedding planning a breeze. If you missed out this month on the posts we’ve released, then this is a great place to start–a recap of the most popular things that got people […]

#BNBRecap: January 2017 Site Highlights

How did January fly by so fast?! With our fast-paced lives it’s not that hard to miss out on things–whether it’s an episode of your favorite TV show, an appointment you booked, or even your wedding planning activities! So we’re making it easier for you to look back on the posts you may have missed […]