Do’s and Don’ts for Every Newlywed Planning for Their Home

We’re normally so focused on the wedding festivities that we tend to forget life as we know it afterwards. A common question asked is, “We’re married! Now what?” And while this is a very valid question with concrete answers, newlyweds still get confused and quite overwhelmed! It’s truly a (very fun) roller coaster ride, and we feel you, guys.

From being awestruck that you’re finally married, to the excitement this new journey will bring to you guys, it’s undeniable that you’ve still got some responsibilities to attend to! But if you’re getting a bit nostalgic thinking about all the wedding planning you miss, guess what? You get to plan again–but instead of planning for your wedding, this time, you’re planning for your home! Here are some do’s and don’ts to navigate each area of the home easier for you:

Bedroom Contrary to your living room, your bedroom is for you and your husband. This is your haven, and you should feel good when you step in here! Do: Personalize the space to your heart's content. You're allowed to decorate this in such a way that it will bring out your character. Choose pieces that will make you feel relaxed. Cozy bed sheets, comforters, and pillows will definitely help in this area! Have a focal point. This is so that your room has a harmonious design rather than many pieces fighting for attention. Don't: Skimp on storage. You'll be surprised that you have a lot of stuff to keep--whether for good or for later. Forget to compromise with your partner in terms of the look. It can't be too feminine nor too masculine either. Be afraid to experiment. You can definitely mix and match and use prints and patterns!

Bathroom Bathrooms and powder rooms are extensions of each part of the house, as you can find them in almost all areas. Here, tidiness is key! The softest towels and even a good-smelling shower gel can change your mood. Do: Think clean. No one wants a dirty bathroom! Choose items that are useful and orderly. Have good lighting. Don't: Forget the small accessories. Hand towels, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes are essentials, too! Overlook the flooring. A good idea would be to get a slip-resistant mat. Feel guilty about pampering yourself. Bath bombs, scent diffusers, and essential oils will instantly bring out that relaxing factor in your bathroom.

Living Room Do you want it to be warm and inviting, classy and formal, or cheery and colorful? It's more or less the first area of the home that you, your husband, and your future guests will see upon entering the house. Do: Make the living room set the tone of your house. Choose pieces that bring out your home's character. Think of function. The furniture pieces around the living room should be useful. Don't: Overstuff it with too much decor. You should be able to still roam freely without any fear of bumping into anything. Allow the colors of the furniture to clash. Forget to look around the space. Consider your windows, if you're blocking any passageways, doors, etc.

Kitchen This is where the yummy in your tummy gets made, and so it should definitely be equipped with the right tools and appliances that are fit with your diet and lifestyle! Do: Make room for storage. You need a lot of space to keep all your utensils and kitchenware in one place. Consider your lifestyle. Are you guys out of the house most of the time? Do you both love to cook? Are you both the type to host lots of dinner parties? This can easily dictate the type of kitchen you should have. Prioritize safety. The kitchen is one of the most accident-prone areas of the home, what with all of the tools and electrical appliances. Don't: Forget about your transformers and adaptors. Sometimes appliances have different plugs. Disregard installing an exhaust fan. This will ensure that your house won't be left smelling like what you cooked for lunch the whole day. Ignore your trash. Besides hygiene and sanitation, it's a good idea to not let the smell of your trash waft around your kitchen.


Planning and shopping are really fun but they can get quite tiring! At the end of the day, you gotta remember that you still have your hubby by your side–that’s the best part! It’s only the start of your journey to forever, so relax every once in a while. Our suggestion? Throw on your jammies, snuggle together, and maybe watch a TV show in the comfort of your own home. (Awww.)


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