Romantic Spark

With such a beautiful color combination of grey, cream, gold, and a slight touch of blue, Kelly and Jansen’s wedding is simply making us sigh in awe. We totally love how this classy and crisp wedding puts the sparkle in our eyes! Swoon! Once again, MangoRed has performed their magic to capture this elegant affair. […]


Inspired by the film ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, Marj and Ryan made their pre-nup an artistic interpretation with a twist.  Welcome to their magical experience across time and beyond made into reality. With Emz Nocedo Photography‘s photos, it’s hard to catch your breath after a view of this album! With surreal details like Marj floating in the […]

The Look



A Rude Proposal

So this is not our usual local material since we are a Philippine wedding blog. But we have a thing or two (ok fine, more like ten!) to learn from this guy in planning an amazingly creative proposal. Watch the video below by Liam Cooper and be ready to laugh and cry at the same time. It’s […]

Fashion Friday: Zuhair Murad Bridal 2016 Collection

Pinch me, quick! Zuhair Murad‘s Bridal 2016 collection has caused me to daydream this morning away. And I bet that once you see this breathtaking collection, you’ll be needing some pinching as well. The intricate detailing with a spoonful of romance has got me hooked in at instant. I’m in love! Oh dear, it seems that he’s […]

Subtle Sweetness

I can give you a lot of ways how to start your Thursday morning right. I can show you a motivational article or adorable YouTube videos of babies laughing and kittens all over. But trust me when I say that all you need to jumpstart the day is Aaron and Danielle’s wedding. Filled with life, love, and laughter, […]

The Look