Blushing in Romance

It’s a Sunday morning and there’s no doubt you would want to start it right. What’s a better way to do that than feed your eyes on this wedding post? Fresh and classic with the hues of white and pink, Mark and Angeli’s wedding day will give you that bright and blushing glow. And plus, […]

A Fanciful Affair

Classic and dramatic, yet mysterious and edgy all at the same time. Being an extremist, writing for this set was a little bit more enjoyable for me than usual. It’s beautiful how this couple played around with such contrasting ideas; making bold, fashionable statements, but never overdoing them! With the help of Benjie Tiongco‘s imaginative skills, […]

A Timeless Love

I believe that there is no better decoration in your wedding than the true love you share with your special someone. Fine and refreshing, this wedding is the epitome of simplicity and timelessness. One thing I can say about weddings is that no matter how simple they could be, it will remain the most special day, […]

The Look


In Full Bloom

Well, would you just take a look at this? Surely, you can tell that the love between Doren and Charisse is definitely in full bloom. Even from just this engagement shoot, I can already feel all the flowers surrounding me! Set in the garden of a restaurant during the daylight, this is simply a bright and […]

Sweet Serenity

Taking that step further into forever is probably one of the most nerve-wracking yet thrilling things two people who truly are in love will go through. This engagement shoot of Pau and Ena gives me the butterflies–they simply make me so giddy and excited for their big day! Peaceful and serene, Danielle Rueda amazingly captures what it’s exactly like […]

The Look