Inspired by the film ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, Marj and Ryan made their pre-nup an artistic interpretation with a twist.  Welcome to their magical experience across time and beyond made into reality. With Emz Nocedo Photography‘s photos, it’s hard to catch your breath after a view of this album! With surreal details like Marj floating in the velvet night sky, minuscule humans smaller than a camera, flying guitars, and portal frames… it’s a beautiful set of unconventionalities and we are loving every bit of it! Much like the movie, this couple’s love can withstand even eras and millenniums. A mixture of artistic expression and everlasting love–what could be more beautiful?


Photographer: Emz Nocedo Photography / Videographer: McVill Studio / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: MKoncepts
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The Look



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