10 Ladies and Gents Spill Some Tips on Making An Unforgettable Proposal

A proposal is one of the most important life events for both you and your partner. Naturally, you would want it to be totally unforgettable, and we want to help! We asked past brides, recently engaged and soon-to-be grooms, and married ladies and gentleman to clue us in with a tip or two when it comes to planning a memorable proposal for you and your partner. Check out what they had to say!


From the Ladies

"Make sure you both have talked about marriage before the proposal--that means taking into consideration her timeline and plans, too. Proposing without talking about it puts a lot of pressure on her having to decide for her whole life with a single 'yes'." - Ansherine

"It doesn't have to be seen by the public for your proposal to be special. Just be sincere, and pour your heart out in your speech." - Maricar

"Make sure to do something really special, and never ever give a clue that you're going to do it." - Precious

"Ask for permission, or at least inform the parents of the girl before proposing. This shows that you respect her and her family." - Kristina

"You don't have to spend a lot of money to make it memorable." - Nyche

From the Gentlemen

"Stick with a schedule. 'Cause us guys, we just tend to delay it and delay it some more. Commit to a date and time, and how you wanna do it." - Angelo

"I think it's supposed to be about your girlfriend. Be sure to know what she likes--does she want it to be public or does she want it to be private? Does she want her friends there? Does she want her family there? I think proposals, it's really about the woman in our life, it's not about us. So I think it's the time we try to get rid of our pride and ego, maybe do something that embarrasses us. But we should always remember that it's a day that we should make them feel special and happy." - Dax

"Consult her best friends (who you trust won't spill the beans) to get her ring size. Plus, leave out any mention of marriage for a while to make sure she'll be really surprised." - Ian

"Make it genuine. You can have gimmicks, pwedeng wala. What's important is that you deliver it in a way that's as real as possible." - Poch

"Delete traces of evidence on your phone, lalo na pag sneaky girlfriend mo. Also, practice your speech because you might forget!" - Mikko


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