10 Perfectly Awesome Calligraphers You Need To Check Out

It seems that hand lettering typography, calligraphy, and handwritten art are all the craze right now–from restaurant menus to wedding invitations and workshops, they’re everywhere! It’s definitely a skill most of us are frustrated in mastering or even simply learning. Luckily, we found some awesome calligraphers in the Metro who are ridiculously good at what they’re doing. It’s as […]

Dainty D.I.Y. Place Cards

Looking for an easy but unique way to make place cards for your wedding? Make them stand out using paper doilies! Alexis Ventura of Ink Scribbler will teach us a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make beautiful watercolor patterns perfect for your V.I.P. cards. Click here for the tutorial! Crafter: Ink Scribbler / Crafter: Alexis […]

Strokes of Sophistication

It takes a lot of passionate research and planning to be able pull off a wedding that’s both elegant and daring at the same time. So imagine our delight at seeing Feli and Jo’s well-thought-of, drop-dead gorgeous, and gutsy blush and grey affair! With some of the biggest names in the wedding industry such as the […]

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Whimsy of Watercolor: An Engagement Party Editorial

If I were to write about my top then favorite themes right now, watercolor will be way up on the list. Imagine my utter delight when good friend Therese Jacinto, the genius behind Therese Jacinto Design and one of my go-to blogs Craft and Couture, sent one of her editorials to us. This beauty, being […]

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