11 Local Artists You Can Tap to Customize Your Wedding Stationery

Your invitation basically sets the tone and theme of your wedding, giving your guests an idea of what to expect on your big day. There are a lot of other things that can complement it too, such as wedding signages, menu and place cards, and seating charts, among others. What simpler way to make a lasting impression than by customizing your stationery for your wedding? Show guests your personality as a couple by collaborating with these calligraphers, watercolorists, and illustrators to do the creative execution. Check out these talented artists that you can work with for one-of-a-kind wedding stationery!


1. Andrea and Jerikka of Type and Treats


2. Oats Tiu of Oats DIY


3. Rachel Araja-de Luna of The Artist Scientist


4. Val Martin


5. Fatima Al-Hussaini of The Letter Belle


6. Katrina of The Word Affair





7. Kat Santos of The Paper Cat




8. June Digan


9. Richelle of Oceanchelle


10. First of April


11. Zurike of The Letter Studio


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