The Fozzy Book: Chic Calligraphy

Hello lovelies! You are gonna love this recent discovery. I am over the moon in love with The Fozzy Book. Let’s see… hmmm, there’s that gorgeous calligraphy… and those chic wooden signages. Then there’s the whole load of options for invitations, letters, and everything font pretty. I just have to share Fozzy’s work to you style-savvy brides in search of exquisite details to add to your affair.

From Fozzy:

The defining service for me is the calligraphy on wedding envelopes (it started out with this). And then clients started asking me to write for different elements in their wedding–like table labels, return address stamps, and souvenirs. I’ve also written stanzas of favorite songs and excerpts from poetry, including one that was to be tattooed.

The most recent service I’m offering is hand lettering on wood. Have been wanting to do this for a while, and I’m glad to be finally able to share it.

That’s the analog part of my love of lettering.

The other part is my love for typefaces and how they play such a big role in design. Another service I do is design for wedding paperie–monograms, invitations, and save the dates. Now it’s even extended to designing logos for some products and services.

All in all, I like infusing a clean yet rustic aesthetic in everything I do. And I’m really happy that people are liking it.

Calligraphy: The Fozzy Book

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    1. Hi Janna!

      Thank you so much for featuring Fozzy 🙂 She’s such a wonderful person, and congratulations for such a great blog! It’s a rich resource for brides. Loved that you featured Kate Bayona-Garcia’s and Jen Marino-De Jesus’ – who happens to be one of my best friends and bridesmaids.

      Thank you most specially for bringing taste and class to Philippine weddings. It’s a challenge with the myriad of choices available, among other stressful things, hahaha 🙂

      Glad to see you so beautiful, happy and contented – and wonderfully creative! Quite a long way from high school at Assumption 🙂 But then again, you were always so striking and elegant back then. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to more Bride and Breakfast! Thanks again Janna! 🙂

      1. Hi Patricia,

        Yes, Fozzy’s work is incredible. I love discovering wedding vendors that have style written all over them (this one literally!). I actually discovered her through a photo you posted which led me to investigate! And voila! A new discovery B&B readers will surely love.

        Your words have really encouraged me. Comments like these make blogging easy (yes, there are days when it’s actually hard). I write about weddings because I know God can use this site to help and inspire people. He has blessed it abundantly!

        I miss assumption and the P7.00 pizza. I think it had secret ingredients that amplified my love for beautiful things.

        Hope to catch up soon!


    2. hello!

      philippines base or somewhere?

      thank you for ur reply…. i am preparing for my baby shower celebration 🙂

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