What’s Inside a Wedding Invitation?

So you wanna start designing your invites, but you find yourself clueless as you approach the graphic artist or invitations designer… Or maybe you wanna try to D.I.Y. your wedding invites, but you’re not sure which part is what. For everyone who’s confused or curious about what a full wedding invitation suite contains, Ink Scribbler gives us the answer. Read on, loves!

What you include in your invitation suite is your creative discretion, but there are certain things that should always be present in order to give the necessary details of the wedding. For the first part, here are the essential parts of wedding invites.

1. Main Invitation Card

This card is the main element of the invitation package, and it also gives the guests the first impression of the wedding. It must provide all the details your guests need to know in order to attend your event on time and in the right place.


2. Entourage Card

This card details the names of the entourage and their parts in the wedding ceremony.


3. RSVP Card

Also known as a response card, the RSVP card is a vital part of the invitation, since responding to it makes it easier for the couple or the planner to know how many guests are definitely attending the wedding. It usually contains the contact person, contact details, and the guest’s deadline for confirming attendance.


4. Outer Envelope

This is usually large and complements the design of everything enclosed in it. This holds the inner envelope (if there’s one) and all the other cards included in your wedding invitation package.


And while you can definitely have a fully functional suite with the above-mentioned elements, you can always add a few more details to supply more info about the wedding. Or maybe you want to spruce up your invites–that’s totally fine, too! Here are some of the additional parts.


5. Map

This is recommended if you have guests coming from out of town, or if the reception is far from the ceremony venue. It can be a hand-drawn map by a local artist or your invitation designer, or the map provided by the Church/reception venue.


6. Travel/Accommodations Card

This is recommended for destination weddings, or if many of your guests are from out of town. The card usually includes hotel and lodging options (complete with details on rates, amenities, and contact details of the hotel). As the hosts, this hospitable gesture will make the trip easier and more convenient for the guests.


7. Attire Card

This card serves as dress code guidance for the guests.


8. RSVP Envelope

This is where the response cards are placed when the guests will confirm their attendance. This isn’t common in the Philippines, but it is for weddings in the US and Canada.


9. Inner Envelope

This envelope contains all the enclosures, including the main invite. The inner envelopes are placed inside the outer envelopes.


10. Envelope Liner

This is the sheet placed inside the envelope covering the inside of the flap up to the bottom of the inside of the envelope. Envelope liners are an additional option to make the envelope more cohesive with the entire invitation.


I see light bulbs popping up on top of your heads! Now that things are crystal clear, you can proceed with customizing your invites with much more confidence. Have fun, loves!

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    1. Hi Lala, there’s no strict rule about this but the most practical is to use your full names for all your guests to refer to. It will depend on how formal you want your wedding invite to be also. I suggest that you use your full names but include your nicknames, too, if most people recognize you easier by it. Thanks!

  1. Hi! I’s confused with the entourage card. The heading should be groom-bride nuptials or bride-groom nuptials? Thanks!

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