Spot the Terno, the Sampaguita Bouquet, and an Heirloom in This Wedding!

Enamored by the Philippine terno’s elegance and timelessness, Bride Renee has always envisioned a Filipiniana Wedding. In wedding planning, as in any life endeavor, where there is a clear vision, […]

This Bride Played a Cute Wedding Day Prank on Her Groom!

Here’s a funny story about how the bride, AJ, played a prank on her groom, Aaron, at their wedding. How did she do it? Well, for their bride and groom […]

The Look



10 Minimalist Wedding Cakes That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Single-layer, minimalist cakes have been gaining a lot of attention because of their sleek and aesthetic designs, but what makes them even more eye-catching is the limitless possibilities for decorations, […]