Wedding Cake Trends for 2020 According to This Cake Designer

We are just a few weeks (and maybe a few pounds) in this new decade and we’re pumped up to see which wedding cake trends will emerge and which ones should remain in past wedding photos. Naked Patisserie, the expert makers of naked cakes, throws us in the mix and tells us what’s hot in terms of design, flavor, and color this 2020.

Wedding cake trends for 2020 according to naked patisserie


Intricate and curated floral arrangements using fresh and sugar flowers

While there has been an increase in minimalist weddings in the past years, accent cakes and intricate floral details are still a very popular choice. No matter how simple the wedding is, couples still go for pops of color in their wedding cakes!

“Innovation is the cornerstone of my design philosophy and my goal this 2020 is to continue releasing designs that have never been seen before. I’ve been incorporating more embellished picture frames in my designs, using handcrafted gems made from sugar, and experimenting with overly minimalist designs that still have a “wow” factor because of the pops of color.” -Christian Mark Jacobs, Creative Director



Long live the lemon cake!

While french vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet are popular cake flavors, there’s nothing like the perfectly balanced taste of Naked Patisserie’s Lemon Cake! They use no artificial ingredients which means that when you order a lemon cake, it’s baked with hand-squeezed lemon juice.

“There’re many flavors that we can customize. But, ever since I introduced the lemon cake in 2018, we’ve been receiving the best reactions for its perfectly balanced taste that pairs well with a wedding feast. Celebrities like Moira Dela Torre and Dani Barretto have chosen this flavor and have even ordered it again for other celebrations!” -Christian Mark Jacobs, Creative Director



Edible cakes are here to stay

“Edible cakes are by far trending in 2020 and over 95% of couples who I meet are asking for an edible cake. The wedding cake is a symbol and it’s meaningful to serve guests a slice of the cake even if there’s dessert on the menu. A wedding, after all, is a celebration and a feast!” – Christian Mark Jacobs, Creative Director

“Fruit and fresh flowers will be trending in 2020, particularly fresh berries because of the vibrance and contrast that berries and fresh flowers exude.” – Christian Mark Jacobs, Creative Director

Couple: Mark and Aicelle



Blue is the way to go

With classic blue as Pantone’s color of the year, it’s not surprising that more and more couples are including it in their list of wedding hues. Pairing it with other bold colors or toning it down with neutral hues, we will definitely see more of this color this 2020.

“I usually ask the bride about the color motif during the cake tasting and even ask for their invitation and exact color pegs. A curated wedding begins from the moment guests arrive at the ceremony and reception and it doesn’t stop with the wedding cake. The wedding cake is an important symbol for the couple and choosing the right design is what matters most.” – Christian Mark Jacobs, Creative Director



Whatever makes you happy!

The design of your wedding cake will depend greatly on your wedding theme. Discuss with your cake designer what you have in mind so he can match it to your theme and personality. Whether you’ll be having a rustic garden wedding, boho beach celebration, or a themed party, there’s always a cake that can perfectly match your theme. Here are some beautiful examples:

Couple: Gerald and Corrine
Couple: Johnreich and Sheena
Couple: Sherwin and Lois
Couple: Duke and Christina

“Pinterest can be your best friend when planning you wedding, but make sure that you have a clear concept of your theme or motif. This will ensure your cake design is cohesive with your venue and styling.” – Christian Mark Jacobs, Creative Director


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