Wedding Cake Designs that are Trending in 2021

With all the changes that happened in the wedding scene in 2020, one wedding element remained—the cake! Besides, what is a celebration without one to seal the sweet deal of marriage? Most couples had to trade their grand plans to a more intimate celebration, but even so, most still treated their guests to a slice of the traditional wedding treat. 

When we asked Christian Mark Jacobs, the creative director behind all the statement wedding cakes of Naked Patisserie, about the cake design trends we can expect this 2021, he said that while couples may still opt for a small event, some will choose not to allow the circumstance dictate their wedding cake option.  


"A wedding cake is a statement piece and couples should have the cake they’ve always dreamed of.” - Christian Mark Jacobs


Now that we have ushered in a new year, couples are hopeful and excited to celebrate their love as close to how they originally planned. And as a cake designer, Christian is even more excited to make this year all about celebrating new beginnings. 

(Pull-quote) "I’m most excited to give couples a cake that signifies new beginnings in a myriad of ways. This year is a symbol that there is beauty found in the ashes and this new beginning is founded in hope and love." -Christian Mark Jacobs

Check out the cake designs you can consider for your 2021 wedding from Naked Patisserie!


"This year I was inspired by bouquet-style floral arrangements. Minimalism has often been my preference in previous collections and I wanted to challenge myself as a designer while still staying true to my signature pops of color." -Christian Mark Jacobs

Low Cakes with a Big Statement

With all the nice intimate weddings we’ve seen in the past months, we know by now that small doesn’t mean simple and boring. A couple can decide to celebrate with less than 20 people and still have a grand time. Same with cake designs. Whether you decide to have a one or two tiered cake, it can still make a big statement by using well-placed floral accents. “I wanted to design a collection that reminded couples that love is fun!” said Jacobs, and fun is what reflected in his design. 

Top Tier Statement Cake
Minimalist Design
Naked Cake and Buttercream Combination
Naked Cake and Buttercream Combination


Naked Cakes with Vibrant Pops of Color

Naked cakes are still a trend and it’s here to stay. But how do you make it look fresh and new? Jazz it up with vibrant colors using different floral arrangements! 

Asymmetrical Floral Accents
Vibrant Combination of Flowers


High Tiered Cakes with Cascading Drama

Another trend that Naked Patisserie is excited about is adding drama to the details. By positioning flowers in a cascading and wrap-around pattern, every high tiered naked cake now makes a grand statement.  

Cascading Floral Treatment
Cascading White Roses Mixed with Foliage
Elegant Wrap-Around Detail


Which cake trend from Naked Patisserie will you choose for your wedding day? Visit the Naked Patisserie showroom at The Manila Peninsula, in Suite 236. You can send them a message at (+63) 945 468 5141 or e-mail them at You can also visit their Instagram account for more inspiration.

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