Posing for the Prenup: Here Are 8 Outfit Ideas for Your Engagement Shoot!

If you’re planning on having a prenup shoot with your fiancé before the big day, you might want to ask yourselves: Where will it be? Is there going to be a theme? What are you going to wear? With so many ideas and inspiration online for prenup photoshoots, one way you can truly make it […]

This Wedding Went for the Classic Neutral Palette and Vintage Style

Cris and Anne went for the classics. As they got hitched in a nude and beige color palette, no doubt, it made their wedding timelessly stylish. And for a more vintage feel that one could never get enough of, they rode off in a classic ivory Mini CooNeutral Palette and Vintage Style! Now, scroll through […]

An Elegant Garden Wedding with Jade Greenery and Deep Reds

Garden weddings can also be grand, don’t you agree? Take a page from Hensie and Natalie’s wedding day. With the love and support of their family, they were able to pull off an elegant and equally romantic garden wedding in a restaurant in Tagaytay. The bold red hues in the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ […]

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8 Local Wedding Venues with Breathtaking Views

Travel restrictions and safety protocols may have put a temporary pause on international destination wedding plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still plan for a wedding with a stunning view. There are actually countless local wedding venues that feature rich culture and picturesque views as well. Why not declare your vows on one of […]

This Modern Day Filipino Engagement Shoot Was All about Embracing Each Other’s Heritage!

One thing that no one can take away from us is the place we come from. It’s the traditions we grow up with and the values we embody from our ancestors that are the foundation of who we are a person. It’s been said that when you marry someone, you marry into their family, and […]

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