An Intimate White and Blue Wedding in Tagaytay

Jeffrey and Regina’s love story is anything but ordinary. With thousands of miles getting in the way of their love, the couple decided to beat distance and get married. It’s the little details about their wedding that I loved the most–the lace details of her dress, the white tulips, and the elegantly styled table arrangements! […]

5 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Veil

Calling the attention of brides-to-be, here’s a PSA from your favorite virtual wedding best friend. There is more than just one way to wear your wedding veil, ladies! But don’t fret! Because today, we’re showing you five different ways on how to wear that sheer piece of fabric you put on your head–from the bohemian […]

A Journey for Two

Can anything be sweeter than a wedding sprinkled with personal touches? Dru and Pia’s day by Den Llanos Dee is making it pretty easy to end this week on a high note–well, a high, giddy, dreamy, everything-good note! With Taal Vista Hotel providing a venue worthy of storybooks and a perfect dress by Richie Ortega-Torres, we’re already in […]

The Look


Ever Effortless

Quiet elegance and effortless sophistication seem to have filled our morning, and we are not complaining. If anything, I have found myself soaked in pure bliss as I swoon over Enzo and Pat’s wedding by J Lucas Reyes. If you’re a big fan of the “less is more” look, then I assure you that this […]

A Ravishing Romance

This set from Jeff and Lisa Photography is truly something extremely and ravishingly romantic. You might say I’m being overly dramatic, but I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way when you get to the bottom of the post. That invite suite, the gorgeous bridal bouquet, the perfect colors of the bridesmaids dresses, and the reception details are utterly mesmerizing. It’s safe to […]

The Look