These Adorable Flower Girls Will Make You Smile with Delight!

On the wedding day, there are three things that get me giddy. First, the bride’s look. Second, the reception styling. And third, the flower girls! These cuties really bring in a ray of sunshine to the whole celebration–with their cute smiles, happy aura, and most lovely dresses. Because we know you feel the same way, we rounded up sixteen flower girls who are so adorable, you really can’t help but feel gigil!

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These Adorable Flower Girls Will Make You Smile with Delight!


1. Light pinks and blues, the classic flower girl colors–and for good reason!

Photo: Pepe Fernandez | Real Wedding: A Sweet and Charming Hotel Wedding with Different Shades of Blue


2. I love how the bright flowers perfectly complement the white dresses of these cuties.

Photo: One Carlo Photography | Real Wedding: Bold, Bonny, and Beautiful


3. Wow, this dress is truly fit for a little princess, don’t you think?

Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Real Wedding: A Grand Blush and Rose Gold Wedding with a Classic Romantic Theme


4. Royal blue, tulle, and flower crowns–I so love this look!

Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Real Wedding: A Classic and Tasteful Wedding in Tagaytay with a Touch of Blue


5. How unique is that flower wreath this flower girl is carrying? And paired with her gray and white number–so minimalist chic!

Photo: Love Train Studios | Real Wedding: An Enchanting Blush and Blue Boho Wedding in Iloilo


6. I love how classy and elegant these flower girls look! White and olive green, always a pretty combo.

Photo: MangoRed | Real Wedding: An Elegantly Understated Filipino-Themed Garden Wedding


7. This girl sure looks like she’s excited, and rightly so! Who wouldn’t want to wear a pink and orange dress like that?

Photo: Vital Image Photo | Real Wedding: A Romantic Blush and Gold Church Wedding


8. So feminine and dainty looking! I love it when dresses are a mix of patterned and plain colored fabrics.

Photo: The Daydreamer Studios | Real Wedding: A Tagaytay Wedding with Floral and Rustic Details


9. White, lace, and tulle make these girls looks all the more angelic!

Photo: NYAPS Photography | Real Wedding: A Beautiful Beige Wedding in Baguio


10. Awww, how sweet are these cuties! And I love their dresses–a unique and stylish look indeed.

Photo: Jeff & Lisa Photography | Real Wedding: A Classic City Wedding with A Gray and Burgundy Color Scheme


11. Blush pink looks good on any flower girl look, right?! So delicate and soft on the eyes!

Photo: Camille Gonzales Photography | Real Wedding: A Wedding in Bohol with Pink Hues


12. I love how this pretty flower girl looks so giggly. That white and beige dress looks perfect on her!

Photo: Shootme Photo | Real Wedding: A Beautiful Earth Toned Wedding in Nuvali


13. This look reminds me of those little girls from the Victorian era! Super vintage chic.

Photo: Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor | Real Wedding: Fashion Designer Vania Romoff Got Married in Boracay and We Can’t Get Over How Chic It Was


14. I think adding a bold blue ribbon to the all-white ensemble of these girls was a lovely idea!

Photo: Peaches and Twine | Real Wedding: A Classic Romantic Blue and Gold Wedding by a Lake


15. Putting together two different kinds of blue in a dress, why not? This flower girl look is so refreshing.

Photo: Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor | Real Wedding: This Garden Wedding with Hints of Blue is So Refreshing!


16. Simple and delightful, these mint green dresses are making these flower girls even more adorable!

Photo: Bob and Zab Photography | Real Wedding: A Turquoise Wedding with White and Green Accents


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