These Regal Wedding Gowns are Every Princess Bride’s Dream Come True!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a big beautiful ballgown, just like all the princesses do in the movies I watched growing up as a kid. There’s just something so magical about the white dress, the jewelry (hey, maybe even a tiara!), and of course, prince […]

Regal Romance

I loved fairytales growing up, which is why it comes as no surprise that I am head 0ver heels for any kind of fairytale wedding. This spread will definitely bring you back to your childhood dreams of becoming a princess, as it looks like it came straight out of a story book. Today, we bring […]

Lavished — A Bride and Breakfast Emerald and Gold Editorial

Today’s post comes in a timely manner as we have launched the Bride and Breakfast Editorial Fest 2014. Many of you know how we take our editorials quite seriously, and this newest one is no exception. One of the most regal shades you’ll ever come across are emerald and gold. But truth be told, they’re […]

The Look