7 OMG Moments The Bride Realizes After The Wedding

Congratulations, darling, you’re married! Now, what? Maybe you’ve been so consumed with planning the perfect wedding, that things suddenly went by too fast and you’re only now realizing stuff you should have prepared yourself for beforehand… Does this sound like you? Well, here are some funny yet totally real moments you start noticing after the wedding festivities have died down!

That moment when you realize…

You are a Mrs. You gotta keep that in mind when you fill out those forms, girl. Same goes for when you change your signature and update your IDs. You might find yourself not answering someone when they call you by your new last name–even the mere mention that you now have a husband might catch you off guard!


You’re not going “home.” And not just because you’re going on a honeymoon, but because you’re moving in with your hubby!

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You have to think about someone else other than yourself. Kinda funny, but if you aren’t used to living with someone else that needs taking care of, then this might be a bit challenging. You have someone else’s needs to put first, and he’ll for sure do the same for you.

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You’re managing a household. Yep, this is tough. There’s doing the laundry, cooking your meals, remembering to pay the bills on time, making sure the fridge is full with food (ahem, grocery shopping), and maintaining the overall cleanliness of the house, to name a few!


Your family and barkada just got bigger. Now, every time you guys plan a party or any celebration, there are two groups to invite! You might even end up having two birthday celebrations, two Christmases, etc. Learning how to balance this one out will also be quite new to you.

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What’s his is yours and what’s yours is his. Besides sharing a last name, there’s sharing your assets too. Like the car, for instance, and that means learning how to schedule trips. Finances are also going to be an important topic of discussion–don’t skip it!


It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. While it’s so awesome to finally marry the love of your life, the realness doesn’t really sink in until after the wedding. There should be compromise, understanding, and love all around–but this also takes work and not just wishfully expecting your love story to turn out like a Disney Princess movie! There’s a whole new chapter after that “happily ever after.”

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Can you totally relate? These are totally normal things that most brides realize post-wedding, and there are probably more to add to this list! Care to share a few in the comments below?


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