How to Elevate Your Engagement Shoot Outfits According to Stylist Cath Sobrevega

Fashion stylist Cath Sobrevega’s engagement and wedding photos were a true reflection of her and her partner, Chino Tobias. Collaborating with La Belle Fete, they envisioned a shoot that would encapsulate their reality, from their hobbies to their work, all the way to their home. The result was a candid and fluid collection of photographs shot by Nice Print Photo that beautifully portrayed their intimate moments.

The wardrobe styling for the engagement shoot was carefully considered to maintain authenticity. Cath and her partner aimed for looks that resonated with their everyday lives and hobbies, emphasizing the charm of their relationship.

For Cath, who had styled numerous engagement shoots before, it was an exciting and surreal experience to finally style her own. “After styling countless engagement shoots, I couldn’t believe it was finally time to be doing my own. Styling your own engagement shoot can be a fun and exciting experience. If it gets too overwhelming, I just kept reminding myself that our engagement shoot is a celebration of our love and our unique style as a couple, so we just had fun with the process,” she shared.

We wanted to learn from Cath how to add personal style and bring out the unique charm of the couple in each outfit. So of course, we asked her for some of her tried-and-true ways to style clothes for an engagement shoot.

How to Elevate Your Engagement Shoot Outfits According to Stylist Cath Sobrevega

Coordinate Your Outfits

According to Cath, it’s important that you and your partner’s clothes go well together instead of clashing. Coordination doesn’t mean wearing identical outfits or being overly matchy-matchy. Instead, aim for a complementary and balanced look that reflects your unique personalities and styles as a couple.Think about picking colors that go well together or patterns that go well with each other. If one person is wearing something loud, the other person might want to wear something simple to balance it out.

Choose Outfits that Reflect Your Personal Style

Cath emphasized the importance of showcasing your personal style as a couple, “Wear outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable, and that reflect your individual tastes.”

Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements that make a statement or reflect your passions and interests. For example, if you both love vintage fashion, you could incorporate vintage-inspired pieces into your outfits or accessorize with vintage jewelry.

Comfort is also a crucial factor to consider. Ensure that your chosen outfits allow you to move freely and comfortably, enabling you to enjoy the shoot and focus on the genuine moments you’ll be capturing. Remember, feeling at ease in your attire will translate into relaxed and natural-looking photographs.

Consider the location and theme of your shoot

Naturally, the location and theme of your shoot will also play a major factor in deciding how to style yourselves. For instance, if you’re planning a beach shoot, flowy dresses, linen ensembles, or even casual beachwear might be more suitable. Conversely, for an urban or cityscape setting, you might opt for more polished and contemporary attire.

In addition to aligning your outfits with the location and theme, it’s important to work with your team to make sure your engagement shoot goes well. This team includes your stylist, photographer, manager, and people who do your hair and makeup.

By coordinating and collaborating effectively with your team, you can create a cohesive and seamless engagement shoot that aligns with your vision and captures the essence of your love story.

Photography: Nice Print Photography / Creative Direction: La Belle Fete / Wedding Venue: Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Quezon City /  Styling: Weddings by Cath / Makeup: Mikka Marcaida / Hair: Anton Papa / Hay Palissades on Slow Sunday: Design Story / White Dress in Magic Monday Layout: Isle / Work Layout: Baro Label
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