Why You Should Book Nice Print Photo According to Couples

No matter how many years go by, the love that you experienced during your wedding day is something that will remain in your minds and hearts. One afternoon, maybe ten years from now, you’ll find yourself flipping through your wedding album, gazing at your smiling faces while reliving your walk down the aisle towards the love of your life.

How wonderful it is to be able to take a trip down memory lane and see every memory from your special day, all the precious moments that passed by so quickly, right before your eyes. These captured memories are exactly what Nice Print Photo has been giving couples for 17 years. They have made a legacy out of telling beautiful stories that you can keep for a lifetime.

In celebration of Nice Print Photo’s 17th anniversary, we interviewed some of the couples whom they have worked with. These couples proudly shared why choosing Nice Print Photo was the best decision they made for their weddings. We’ve also showcased some memorable weddings and engagement shoots we’ve recently featured here to give you a preview of their work. Read on to find out why couples trust Nice Print Photo!

17 Reasons Why Couples Choose Nice Print Photo for Their Wedding

 They Have the Ability to Capture Genuine Emotions in Photos and Videos
Couples can’t stop talking about how they look back on their wedding photos and feel all the love and joy they experienced that day. They’re so happy that Nice Print Photo doesn’t miss the important details of their most special day!


They capture real moments that remain alive in the photographs. The photos and SDE spoke for itself. It was nothing but breathtaking." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

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They Are Very Collaborative
If you’re a creative couple who wants to add personal touches to your prenup shoot or Same Day Edit, then Nice Print Photo is there to work together with you. It even makes the process more fun and interesting for the both of you!

"I am in the creative industry, and it's my nature to be hands-on. So they found it interesting and fun that I wrote our own script for our Save the Date and even planned the Same Day Edit in advance." - Bryan and Lhuvi Encarnacion

“I really wanted to do a prenup that’s like an adventure video, and we chose Mt. Pinatubo as the location. So imagine they had to bring in 4x4s and the team was even there very early. It was something that they were really able to give us.” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

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 They Value Your Opinion and What You Want
You will surely have an initial vision for what you want your wedding day to look like. So, what couples love about Nice Print Photo is that they make sure they are all ears when you share your ideas and requests.

"The good thing with them is that they are open to suggestions and they take the time to listen to their clients to make your wedding a memorable one. I’ve worked with other photographers, but Nice Print Photo knows my taste so well that’s why working with them was such a breeze." - Dave Almarinez and Ara Mina

"I still remember the feeling when we met up in Starbucks and I told them 'I want a prenup here.' They made arrangements right then and there." - Patrick and Nikka Garcia

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 They Make Sure You're Having a Good Time During the Shoot
Sometimes, having a shoot with a team makes you feel conscious or shy—especially when you’re not used to being in front of the camera. With Nice Print Photo, they make sure to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for you during the shoot!

"They're all super fun and quirky. They have a gift for bringing our natural smiles and laughs. Our shoot always feels like we're friends getting together and capturing good moments." - Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert

"The team kept checking if we were comfortable in the setting, and most of all, having the time of our lives." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

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You Will Always Be a Priority to the Team
Couples also keep talking about how Nice Print Photo gives you special treatment from the moment you inquire up to the end of your wedding day. You won’t feel like you’re just one of the many clients they’re working with. You’re a priority no matter what.

"They made us a priority from the very beginning. Nice Print Photo was always there from all the planning, oculars, the prenup shoot, and up to the wedding day itself. They were always so sweet and supportive, too." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

"I guess you feel important when all the attention is focused on you. I remember when we got engaged and we were telling them what to do. They did not make us feel like we were less of a priority. They made us feel like we were the only priority." - Patrick and Nikka Garcia

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They’re Quick to Respond to Sudden Changes
You never know when it’s going to rain or when there’s going to be a power interruption on your wedding. These couples felt reassured because Nice Print Photo knows how to deal with last minute changes and produce something remarkable!

"During our prenuptial shoot in Zambales, it was the movie night scene when the lights went out. Instead of ending the shoot, they made use of that moment, and ended up having the most romantic shots ever. They used candles from the scene and the photos and videos just ended up amazing." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

“Even if we made last minute changes on our dates and plans, it wasn't a hard time booking or talking to them. The photographer assigned to us was very flexible with her time and on locations where we'd love to shoot.” - Sarah Garcia and Tanch Lobete

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You’re Not Just a Client to Them But Also a Friend
The Nice Print Photo team isn’t just about getting the work done. They build friendships with every couple they work with. Couples truly cherish the bond they create with Nice Print Photo that it becomes easy to reach out to them throughout the whole wedding planning process and even beyond your big day.

"They would go above and beyond that our relationship became personal—even giving us advice about life." - Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert

"They kept in touch with us after our wedding. We appreciate their hands-on touch with our wedding and the rest of our life events." - Bryan and Lhuvi Encarnacion

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They Can Help You Connect with Other Reputable Suppliers
What’s great about Nice Print Photo is they go beyond documenting your wedding! They’ve been in the industry for so long that they already know who you can trust with your wedding. So, getting them also means they can help you complete your dream team.

"Nice Print Photo really understood who we were, which is why we think they were also able to connect us to the suppliers that would be the best fit for us." - Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert

“When we got engaged, we did not know how to start, like who we’re going to call or the suppliers to get. But Charisse and her team at Nice Print Photo made it very easy for us to get suppliers and to meet people.” - Patrick and Nikka Garcia

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They Continuously Find Ways to Improve Their Craft
Nice Print Photo makes sure to always give you the best output. They’re always up to date with their services and it’s one of the reasons why couples trust them with their wedding!

"With Nice Print Photo, everything is extra extra backup. So you don’t have to worry about losing your memories because they have it all. They always have the latest equipment and we love that." - Patrick and Nikka Garcia

“I think what makes Nice Print Photo number one right now is their drive to continuously improve. And number two, their engagement to their customers or to their network base. The team is very dedicated.” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

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 They Know How to Find Your Best Angle
Couples appreciate how Nice Print Photo reaches out to you and asks questions about your likes and dislikes. These little efforts mean they’re making sure they highlight the things that speak about you!

“Their photographers go beyond just taking pictures, they actually get to know you and what you like. When you enter the studio, they already know na ‘uy anggulo mo yan.’ They listen. Madali silang kausap.” - Patrick and Nikka Garcia

“My husband is really shy in front of the camera. So the team would play music in the background and just tell us to be natural—walk, laugh, and do light kisses. So, very easy siya and sila na yung nag angle for us which we really liked din.” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

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Their Photo and Video Packages Save You the Hassle of Booking Separately
Instead of going through the hassle of looking for a photographer and videographer separately, couples find it practical and convenient to book Nice Print Photo because they provide photo, video, and prints in one go!

"Since we're the practical type and we're also in the multimedia and events industry, we opt to book the supplier with the sulit offer. Photo, video, and prints for a price of one. Panalo!" - Bryan and Lhuvi Encarnacion

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They Always Show the Same Excitement to Every Client They Meet
A lot of brides feel intimidated by Nice Print Photo since you’d normally see them in celebrity weddings. The truth is Nice Print Photo treats all couples with the same enthusiasm and service. They will always be excited about capturing your wedding.

"No matter how big their name is now, Nice Print Photo is still very approachable. The boys are fun to work with." - Bryan and Lhuvi Encarnacion

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They Are a Team of Experts
What couples acknowledge about Nice Print Photo is they have a team of experts to provide you with your most precious keepsake. Couples find their talents and professionalism truly reliable.

"We believe Nice Print Photo has this edge from the rest of the photographers that we’ve worked with before. They are all about fun, creativity, and capturing real moments that remain alive in the photographs." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

“They’re like a basketball team na sobrang grabe yung teamwork. They also have a great leader. I personally saw that during our prenup shoot. First shots palang nakuha talaga nila yung mga photos na gusto namin.” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

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They Have an Eye for Details That Speak About the Couple
Nice Print Photo always makes it a point to create a unique output for every couple. You can really see that they love their work, that’s why whatever your request is, they make sure to fulfill it to the best of their abilities.

“They take bright photos and they do what you want. They’ll really try their best to get that. They listen. So, being a light and energetic person, I was really happy when I saw our photos and they turned out bright!” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

“They would be anywhere we would be. We had a destination wedding in New York City and the maternity shoot/gender reveal was in San Francisco, CA. We didn't have a hard time finding someone to cover our special days even out of the Philippines, which makes it a perfect decision to have them on special events.” - Sarah Garcia and Tanch Lobete

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 You Can Count on Them Even After Your Wedding
It’s a great thing to have a photographer who can cover not just one specific event but any remarkable moment of their client. The fact that they already know you as a couple means that they can cover your other events smoothly as well, like your child’s birthday!

"We've relied on them to capture our most precious moments. Even for our daughter, Avianna's newborn photos to birthdays." - Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert

“The turnaround or output time ang bilis din. So magugulat ka na lang the next day or the next week meron ka ng output. And honestly after my wedding, I would get Nice Print Photo rin for my other events.” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

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They Go Above and Beyond to Exceed Your Standards
Choosing a photographer that meets your standards is a must. Nice Print Photo, however, goes the extra mile to make your wedding even more memorable. It’s a once in a lifetime milestone, after all, so you can rely on Nice Print Photo to give you an output that you’ll definitely be happy with.

"We really believe that choosing the suppliers that meet your standards have a great impact on the outcome that you’ll get and choosing Nice Print Photo didn’t only meet our standards but they’ve truly exceeded them." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

“We’re really thankful to them for how the photographer assigned to us that day also was very kind & helpful even with tasks she shouldn't be doing like assisting us during the whole day.” - Sarah Garcia and Tanch Lobete

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They Capture Photos You Will Love to Keep for a Lifetime
Just by talking to these couples it was clear that choosing Nice Print Photo was a no-brainer for them. Nice Print Photo never fails to give you valuable keepsakes you’ll love to look back on for years and years to come. For 17 years, Nice Print Photo continues to be a top supplier for many soon-to-weds because of their excellent work.

“If you’re a very fun couple who just wants to enjoy, you should really get Nice Print Photo kasi their photos are very bright, sharp, natural, and effortless. For me kasi it’s important na when you get old and you look back with your photos, you want something na maaliwalas.” - Alfonso and Angela Muhlach-Hortaleza

"It wasn’t hard for us to decide on who will capture the most important day of our lives because the quality of their work has always been undeniable and spectacular up to this day." - Jed and Gianna Patricio

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Want to know what it’s like to have Nice Print Photo capture your own wedding? Inquire now by sending an email to niceprintphoto@gmail.com.

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