A Rustic Indoor Wedding at Balesin

Start your Wednesday right with this lovely set of photos by Foreveryday Photography! It’s no secret that Balesin Island is a true stunner, which is why it has easily become one of our favorite wedding destinations. Marc and Diana’s ceremony was held in the island’s very own chapel, and the reception followed at the Balesin Village Sala. […]

The Look



A Stunningly Sweet Adventure

I’m just so glad that B&B is a place for us to swoon our hearts out over sweet little things with no judgement. Are you ready for another round of sweet snaps to swoon over? Get ready, because today’s set has got me gushing nonstop as our pals from Foreveryday Photography not only captured Wesley and […]

The Look



A Traditional Touch

Hello, darlings! This week’s Tuesday wedding is magnificently captured by Foreveryday Photography. Gerro and Queenie’s wedding took place in the heart of Ilocos Sur! It’s so amazing how the modern accents just blended perfectly together with the cultural pieces, and how the couple was still able to mix in something that represented a part of their personalities. So, […]

A Taste of Gold

If there’s anything that gives me joy, it’s seeing a wedding that’s simple but teeming with style. Take Derick and Kat’s wedding by Foreveryday Photography for example. Aside from the cute his-and-her details, I really loved how they skillfully used glitter and gold in the wedding–plus points for not being over the top! Also, Kat’s chinky-eyed beauty along with Zenas […]

6 Tips to Get Solenn’s Bridal Shower Look

It’s amazing how all the wedding preparations can drive a bride crazy, yet they manage to go through it looking fabulous on their big day. So how does a bride like Solenn, whose career and personal life keep her on her feet, manage to plan and prepare for a wedding and still look fresh and relaxed? Here are some […]