A Non-Traditional Dress is Just One of the Unique Details in This Festive Kapampangan-Inspired Wedding!

This beautiful and festive Kapampangan-inspired wedding is unique for four reasons. First, the bride wore a colorful non-traditional Pidayit wedding gown. “Pidayit-dayit” in Kapampangan means putting together retazzo pieces to form a new and unique piece of handmade garment by beading, crocheting, embroidery, or stitching. Second, the couple wore personalized “Mr.” and “Mrs.” shoes from […]

The Look



Here’s a Look at Just Some of the Things That Happened at the Toast Celebrations Fair!

It has always been one of our dreams to hold a fair for Bride and Breakfast and Baby and Breakfast. But just like anything you do for the first time, you can still actually get pretty nervous about it! And when it finally happened, I almost had to pinch myself seeing how it all turned […]