Six Stunning Aisles for an Unforgettable Wedding March

Many brides dream of having that magnificent walk down the aisle! It’s your grand entrance, after all. It deserves to be as memorable as possible just like that famous movie scene from Crazy Rich Asians, where the bride walked on water! So, we rounded up a few stunning wedding aisles, created by some of the […]

This Enchanting Indoor Garden Wedding Looks Like a Romantic Fairytale Scene!

From a romantic and adventure-filled engagement shoot on Mt. Pinatubo, we now flip to the next page of Alfonso and Angela’s story. This time around, they brought the beauty of nature indoors for their wedding day. Delicate white flowers and gorgeous arrangements of greenery covered their venues from the ceremony to the reception, making it feel […]

The Look


Rich Hues of Blue, Purple, and Green Brighten Sam YG and Essa’s Special Day!

We love seeing couples who don’t shy away from rich, bold colors. Sam and Essa chose such hues that exude sophistication! Emerald-like green for the invitations and the entourage’s robes, a royal blue for the groom, Sam, looking dapper in his suit, and purple for the florals that make up an enchanting ceiling installation. Bold […]

Wedding Suppliers Talk: Tips on How to Use Very Peri as Your Motif in 2022!

A strikingly vibrant tone is the color of the year 2022! What exactly is Very Peri? It’s a beautiful blend of blues and purples, and is considered a rather cool tone. We believe a pop of this hue would surely look amazing in weddings! But how exactly can this color be tastefully woven into the […]

This Fairytale-like Wedding Took Place Under a 300-Year-Old Tree

In folklore and fairytales, trees would often represent life and growth. For this feature, Hans and Honey chose to celebrate their union under this 300-year-old mango tree. What better way is there to tie the knot symbolizing the start of a new life and growth together as a newly-wedded couple? Decked with a bunch of […]

The Look