How to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media: Here are 7 Fun Ideas!

The overwhelming feelings of joy and love after a proposal is something brides and grooms-to-be can’t wait to share! We know you’re ready to scream with glee, “I’m getting married!” And we’re excited about hearing it, too. After you tell your family and friends, it’s time to announce the good news to the rest of the world on social media. You might have a lot of ideas swirling in your head or maybe you’re confused about how to do it in a special way. We’re here to help! Here are a few suggestions to help you come up with a meaningful post. Read on then share with us how you chose to tell your loved ones.

How to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media: Here are 7 Fun Ideas!

Upload a Video of the Proposal 
Proposals always come as a surprise but sneaky friends are ever ready with their phones to document the entire moment! If there are witnesses at your proposal, for sure one or two of them would have video coverage. Ask for a copy and upload it on your social media to give your friends and family a glimpse of how your partner popped the question. What’s great about a video is that your loved ones can see the sequence of events in action!

The Ring Selfie
Thanks to social media and camera phones, ring selfies are now becoming another classic and incredibly exciting way to announce your engagement. You also get to show the details of your dream engagement ring, and maybe even share the story behind it in the captions! A ring selfie is simple and straightforward but still so sweet. You can show a photo of just your hand with the ring glistening or include your fiancé in the shot!

Include Your Pets in the Announcement
What could be cuter than having your fur baby be part of such a special announcement? Get your pet, or pets, to pose with you showing your adorned ring finger. Accompany the photo with a caption that says “My Mommy said yes!” or “I’m going to be a ring bearer!”

Post a Photo of Your Partner Kneeling Down on One Knee
Another classic photo op moment! A picture snapped right at the moment your partner gets down on one knee, opens the ring box, and asks “Will you marry me?” will never fail to make anyone swoon. This kind of photo also captures your genuine reaction right there and then. If you didn’t have anyone there to take a photo as the proposal happened, you can always re-enact the moment, and it will still be just as special!

Do a Photo Series Chronicling Your Relationship
Here’s another idea where you can make use of the carousel function or an album. Select a series of photos that narrates your relationship, if possible, from the beginning. Post a photo starting from your first date, followed by anniversaries, and then a picture of the two of you finally engaged! This could be quite a meaningful way to celebrate your love story so far and what’s to come.

Set Some Time for a Simple Photoshoot
You can even use your own phones or cameras for this! If you have the time, why not do a simple photoshoot to announce your engagement and upload the pictures on social media? You can make a sign that says “We’re getting married” or “I said yes!” You can also have a backdrop that says “Marry me.” Maybe you could wear matching outfits, and of course, don’t forget to show the ring!

Change Your Relationship Status
We can’t forget about making your engagement Facebook official! Changing your status to “engaged to” is as simple as it gets but it gets the job done. You can follow up the status change with a ring selfie or a photo of the two of you together. If you feel comfortable sharing your proposal story, you can also upload a status, sort of like a mini blog, so more people can share in the happiness.

Whichever way you choose to announce your engagement, the most important thing is to bask in the moment and enjoy the happiness in this new chapter of your life! Congratulations!


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