7 Modern Ways You Can Walk Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

The moment of your bridal march only happens once in your life—of course you’re going to want every detail to be perfect. From the grand reveal of the full bridal look, to the careful selection of flowers that comprise the bouquet and line the ceremony aisle, much thought is put into their planning. Another element that recent brides have started to get more creative with is the ways they walk down the aisle. Historically, brides have been escorted by their fathers from one end of the aisle to the other other, but contemporary brides aren’t quite as humdrum. Dare to be different with these 7 modern ways you can walk down the aisle on your wedding day. Check them out here!

7 Modern Ways You Can Walk Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

(Header) Hand-in-Hand with Your Groom
What better way is there to start your happily ever after than hand-in-hand with your better half? Some brides eagerly await the moment when the church doors open and all eyes are on her, while others actually prefer to share the spotlight with their groom. One thing we do love about couples who choose to walk down the aisle together? It’s symbolic of how marriage is a joint decision by the couple and how they plan to go through life side-by-side every step of the way.


Photographer: Team Pat Dy | Real Wedding: Wedding Highlights: Jess Wilson Tells Us About Her Wedding in Palawan


(Header) To An Untraditional Song
Feeling a little bit country or a little bit rock n’ roll? Follow the beat of your heart when choosing the tune for your walk down the aisle. Your bridal march is not only a reflection of you and your taste in music, it also tells a story about your love and feelings for your partner. You can opt for a cheesy couple soundtrack or a song that was played during a significant moment in your relationship. Looking to change up a commonly used song? Try talking to your chosen ceremony musician and ask if they can play the tune in a fresh and special arrangement.


With your pet
After all, they are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Dress up your furbaby and maybe even train them to walk by your side unleashed. Many couples have invited their pets to join the festivities as guests, but having yours walk you down the aisle will surely result in surprise and gushing from the audience. Remember to have lots of tasty treats ready and to double-check the guidelines of church or ceremony venue on having pets present.


Photographer: Team Benitez Photo | Real Wedding: This Couple Trained Their Dogs To Be Part of Their Entourage!



(Header) With Your Mother
This one’s for all the mama’s girls out there. Whether you were raised by a strong single mama or your mother is simply your best friend in the whole wide world, don’t let tradition stop you from asking her to walk you down the aisle on your big day. She’s been your biggest fan and cheerleader on every other occasion, it’s only normal to think that there’s no one better to stand by your side. You always have the option to meet both your parents halfway down the aisle, if you want to maintain some of the tradition.


(Header) While Singing Your Bridal March
You think you’ve seen it all until one talented bride surprises you by serenading her way down the aisle. As if the pressure from all the cameras and smart phones is not enough, why not add a live performance to the mix? The bride walking to her groom has always been one of the most heart-tugging moments of a wedding, so you can only imagine how much more heightened the emotions would be if the bride were singing a love song to her groom. Now if this doesn’t result in a waterworks all-around, we don’t know what will!


Photographer: Nice Print Photo | Real Wedding: This Intimate Wedding By the Water Was All about the Romance and Rustic Details!


(Header) Alone
Miss Independent, are you? There’s no need to ask anyone to escort you down the aisle, if you’re the kind of woman who would rather do it all on her own. Make a statement as a modern and self-reliant bride who is confident enough to walk alone, but also ready to start leaning on her partner. You surely won’t regret taking the plunge.


(Header) Dressed in a Romper
Gone are the days when all brides walk down the aisle in the same white, princess-cut ballgown. With so much choices available in the market, it’s now more common to see two brides donning different pastel colored gowns than it is to see the same gown worn by two different brides. Your bridal look is one of the best ways you can express your unique taste, so don’t worry about following any rules. Remember that the key to being the most beautiful bride is staying true to your style and wearing it proud on your big day.


Photographer: Pearl Studio | Real Wedding: This Bride Rocked a Romper on Her Wedding Day!


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