Wedding Highlights: Jess Wilson Tells Us About Her Wedding in Palawan

If you’ve been following Jess Wilson on Instagram, for sure you’ve seen so many noteworthy wedding details to love. We’ve raved about her convertible bridal terno, so now let’s take a closer look at all the other details that make her wedding simply breathtaking and truly meaningful. From walking down the aisle together with her groom, the hilarious speeches, and the festivities before the big day, Jess shares some of her most memorable wedding highlights right here!

Read on as you scroll through these official wedding photos from Nelwin Uy,Team Pat Dy, and Pat Dy Photography.

Wedding Highlights: Jess Wilson Tells Us About Her Wedding in Palawan

For layout: How long did it take you to plan your wedding?
“We planned it in May. We had something else planned which fell through, so we quickly changed venues and redid all our planning. We knew we wanted to get married in June because some people abroad would only be able to make it then. We knew we wanted to get civilly married this year to make sure my dad could be part of the celebration.”

Since Jess’ Dad wouldn’t be able to attend their wedding out of town either, the couple quickly made plans to hold a civil ceremony in the metro earlier in the week before they flew to Palawan. Only immediate family were in attendance, and most importantly Jess’ Dad got to witness their union.

"My Dad was there by my side, and there was no dry eye in the room all evening. It was incredibly special." -Jess, Bride

What was the funniest part of the day?

"Since it was a small group, everyone gave a roast or a toast at dinner. Even the plus ones who were so shy gave a speech and everyone was laughing." Jess, Bride

What were some must-haves for your wedding look?
“Robbie has been a staple since day one. I asked him to do my makeup years ago and I loved his style so much. Vania is also my go-to when it comes to feminine dresses. I told her I wanted a modern, mini Filipiniana with a strong sleeve. The rest was her magic. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever worn. I cried the minute I tried it on in her atelier.”

Will you have a bigger wedding in the future?
“Yes, we’ll have our church wedding in May 2022 in Salzburg, Austria. Moritz’ whole family couldn’t be here with us as well as some of my favorite people in the world, Martine and Belle. So, we definitely have to do another. They refer to this as our wedding party! While doing my makeup retouch after dinner, I called Martine and just broke down crying that she wasn’t here. Robbie had to work extra hard to cover that up.”

“The Church wedding will also be where I walk down the aisle without Moritz, wear my wedding dress and do all the usual traditional things we didn’t do for this wedding.”

What is your advice for fellow pandemic brides?

"I know your pain, but don't give up. Don't cancel. Your time will come and it will be a celebration like no other." Jess, Bride

Photographer: Nelwin Uy, Team Pat Dy, Pat Dy Photography / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Venue: Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort / Bride’s Dress: Vania Romoff / Makeup Artist: Robbie Pinera / Hairstylist: Paul Nebres / Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa / Cake Baker: Naked Patisserie / Musicians: The Naughty Pandas / Wedding Coordinator: Events by Amanda Tirol

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