Jess Wilson Spills Her Wedding Skincare Secrets

We’ve recently featured the highlights of Jess Wilson and Moritz Gastl’s intimate wedding in Coron, Palawan and brides for sure have taken down notes on how to look fashionably chic and effortlessly stunning, just like how Jess did. You’ll agree that aside from all the beautiful wedding details, Jess’ bridal glow was the standout stunner. Her skin, her form, and her disposition, everything aligned to make her the most beautiful on her wedding weekend. How did she prepare for it? If you’re dying to know Jess’ bridal beauty secrets, no worries—we’re revealing everything here!

Jess Wilson Spills Her Wedding Skincare Secrets

While most brides rely on the famous bridal glow and makeup to look good on their wedding day, Jess prioritized skincare above all. She had her first pre-wedding consultation with Dr. Vicki Belo as early as February 2020 to discuss her monthly beauty plan leading up to her big day.

Jess wanted to look her best and feel her most confident self come her wedding day. She didn’t want to look overdone, though, so her beauty plan revolved around non-surgical and non-invasive treatments. She mentioned that she wanted her arms to look more toned, her face to have just the right amount of plumping and contouring to look youthful, and for her skin to look fresh and hydrated.


To address her first goal, Jess did a couple session of Exilis on her arms and abs. It’s a body-contouring treatment that uses thermal waves to liquefy and melt unwanted fat. For her face, she wanted just the right amount of plumping and contouring to look youthful so she tried Skin Reboot, a painless, non-surgical radiofrequency treatment that tightens and re-densifies the skin. Jess noticed that as the sessions progressed, her jawline looked more defined and that she looked healthier thanks to the collagen boost!

Finally, her fundamental go-to for keeping her skin clean and hydrated was the HydraFacial. The treatment lifts away dead skin cells and removes impurities using a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip. The skin is then bathed with active serums that cleanse, hydrate, and provide residual antioxidant protection.


In May 2020, Jess got honest about her quarantine breakouts.

(Pull-quote) "I had very high hopes of taking extra care of my skin during the lockdown with creams and face masks, but for some reason, my skin flared up and was out of control. I had pimples like never before." Jess Wilson

After trying to self-remedy with products she had at home, she finally turned to Belo for help. This is the exact list of products that ended her breakouts for good:

*Currently an ambassador-exclusive product, but the Shop-wide alternative is the best-selling ZO Oil Control Pads


After months of delay and many skin struggles, Jess finally got to say “I do” with her best skin forward. And just like her, you deserve that, too!

If you’re a bride-to-be whose looking to get Belofied before her big day, the brand-new Belo Bridal Pamper Program is for you! Just head to any Belo clinic to avail of this limited-time offer until August 7, 2021.

The treatments and products will vary depending on your skin type and skin needs. That’s why we highly encourage that you book a consultation first to know the best beauty plan given your skin concerns and budget. Don’t worry because the beauty experts at Belo have got you covered.

To give you an idea, here are some sample combinations the Belo team has drawn up for you:

Avail of the P20,000 Bridal Pamper Program, and get P23,000 worth of consumable products & services (15% off). Angel Whitening Face (10,000) + Mermaid Facial Without Cleaning (7,000) + Cinderella Drip (6,000) = P23,000 Avail of the P50,000 Bridal Pamper Program, and get P60,000 worth of consumable products & services (20% off). V-Contour Face (25,000) + Vivace Acne (19,000) + 3 Sessions of Revlite (Armpit) (16,800) = P60,800 Avail of the P100,000 Bridal Pamper Program, and get P125,000 worth of consumable products & services (25% off). Vivace Rejuv (35,000) + V-Contour Body (35,000) + Laser Hair Removal (Bikini x 6 sessions) (33,600) + Glass Skin Facial (2 sessions) (16,600) + Honey Almond Cleaning (2 sessions) (4,800) = P125,000


Click here to book an in-clinic consultation appointment and follow this link if you prefer a virtual consultation. For more information, follow Belo Beauty on Instagram.

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