Pre-Wedding Hair Care: How to Achieve Beautiful Bridal Locks According to Hairstylists

You’ve probably seen several bridal hairstyle photos flaunting bouncy waves, smooth and glamorous curls, or a sleek chignon. Truly, the magic of hairstyling will make you daydream of having impeccably coiffed hair of your own. There’s also another secret to making those hair goals a reality! Much like your skin, your hair requires some TLC before the big day. To achieve strong, beautiful locks, a good hair care routine is the way to go. Lucky for all of us, we were able to ask bridal hairstylists for their professional wedding hair care tips! Read on and feel free to take notes.

(Layout) Do Hair Treatments Months in Advance According to hairstylists Carla Quiogue-Santos and Renzo Lusterio, it’s best to plan your salon trip at least three weeks up to four months ahead of your wedding day. The purpose of getting your haircut or keratin treatments done in advance is to make sure your wedding hairstyle will be at its most beautiful. This also gives you time to make changes and prevent any potential hair disaster!

“Hair cuts should be done two months prior to allow a little bit of growth just in case your hair dresser cuts more than what you asked for. If you’re worried about frizz and flyaways, mask your hair regularly up to two weeks before your wedding day, and not more than that.” – Carla Quiogue-Santos, Hairstylist

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“Having hair treatments such as straightening and perming close to the wedding is a no-no. It makes it harder for your hairstylist to maneuver your hair if you have rebonded and chemically treated hair.” Renzo Lusterio, Hairstylist


(Layout) Shampoo Less Often Yes, it’s true, we shouldn’t be shampooing and conditioning our hair everyday. This might sound uncomfortable for some, especially with our humid weather, but skipping the shampoo has more pros than cons! Over-shampooing leads to dehydrated hair and that’s not something any bride would want.

“Shampoo once or twice a week. Natural oil from your scalp is the best hair mask. To absorb oil and build up, use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week and deep condition your hair once a month. Any more can cause excess build up. For colored hair brides, to keep your color looking great, avoid sunlight, over-washing, and hot tools.” -Carla Quioge-Santos, Hairstylist

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(Layout) Go Easy on the Heating Tools Another thing the experts recommend is to avoid applying heat to your hair frequently. If you regularly use a blow dryer or a flat iron, you’d want to lessen that for now or avoid it completely. Too much heat can damage your hair.

“Avoid using heating devices like dryers, curlers, or flat irons on a daily basis as these lay stress upon the hair strands. Stay clear of dehydrating products like dry shampoo and hair spray as these have the same effects. Save all the heat-styling on the day of your wedding.” -Renzo Lusterio, Hairstylist

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Have a game plan if you do decide on coloring your hair for your wedding. If you want to go for a lighter shade, consult your stylist first and be sure of what color complements you the best. There are also different coloring techniques, so consider which one will make you look and feel like a beautiful bride! A good tip to remember: go for a color you will love looking back on years and years from now.

“If it’s your first time going lighter on your hair, I suggest test the initial color first four months out. You want to have enough time to know you like the color in case you need to change anything.” -Renzo Lusterio, Hairstylist

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“I always tell my brides to choose the most classic looking color and style for them. Highlights is where an entire strand or section is saturated in a foil. Balayage looks more natural and requires less maintenance than traditional foil highlights. While ombre is more dramatic with a gradient look.” Carla Quiogue-Santos, Hairstylist


(Layout) Wash Your Hair on the Day of the Wedding On the actual day of your wedding, do shampoo and condition your hair. But don’t apply any other product! There’s such a thing as having hair that is too silky and smooth.

“With my brides, I ask them to shampoo their hair the morning of the wedding and use conditioner only at the mid to the ends of their hair. Avoid the scalp by all means to prevent oil build up. But always ask your bridal hairstylist if they prefer your hair with or without conditioner.” -Carla Quiogue-Santos, Hairstylist

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“I suggest washing their hair in the morning or the night before. Shampoo normally and condition the ends only. No oils or creams of any kind. You don’t want it to be silky smooth. Hair needs to be fully dried to hold the style” -Renzo Lusterio, Hairstylist

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