8 Outfit Options If Your Groom Is Not a Suit Guy

With so much focus on the bride and the myriad of choices she has for her wedding dress, today we put the spotlight on grooms, specifically the grooms who are just not suit guys. You might think the only options for men are a formal suit or a traditional barong, but there are actually more ensembles for grooms with a not-so-traditional style. There are also some venues and wedding themes that just seem to go better with less debonair, but equally stylish outfits. To give you and your other half some ideas, we’ve gathered 8 outfit options you can consider for the big day! Remember that your wedding day can look like whatever you want it to—the only approval you need are each other’s. Happy planning!

8 Outfit Options If Your Groom Is Not a Suit Guy

1. Barong Tagalog

If a three-piece suit just isn’t his thing, donning a barong tagalog on the wedding day is another classic alternative. You don’t necessarily have to follow a Filipiniana wedding motif, the barong tagalog is versatile enough to go with almost any theme. It’s also a cooler choice for a beach or outdoor event.

Photographer: ProudRad | Real Wedding: Bringing the Tropics Indoors: Check Out the Fun Colors and Decor in This Filipiniana Wedding!


2. Suspenders

Show off some personality with stylish suspenders! Pair it with a colorful or printed bowtie and you’re all set to impress your guests. Be sure to get the right fit and the suspenders will not only help him look good, but feel good too.

Photographer: Verse Studio | Groom’s Attire: The Fat Hatter | Real Wedding: A Creative and Casual Beach Wedding in Boracay


3. Military Uniform

This is a definite favorite for all An Officer and a Gentleman fans! If the groom is (or was) a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, he might want to sport his military uniform. The uniform can differ depending on his rank and branch of service, but they are all surely formal enough for the occasion.

Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Real Wedding: Official Photos: Actor Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing Got Married on Board a Ship!


4. Dress Shirt and Tie

If you’re planning a ceremony under the sun, it’s totally understandable if he’d rather not layer a jacket over a long-sleeved shirt. You can still keep it classy with a crisp dress shirt and some accessories. The most important accessory on our list? A genuine, over-the-moon smile, of course!

Photographer: Vancity Officiant | Real Wedding: Check Out This Intimate Elopement Ceremony Done in the Middle of the Woods


5. Traditional Attire

If the groom’s culture has a customary attire to be worn in weddings, why not honor his roots on this most special day? After all, a wedding is not only a coming together of two people, but of two families, so it would be truly meaningful to incorporate both sides’ heritage in the wedding festivities. You can opt to change into second looks should you have varying traditional attires you both want to honor.

Photographer: Ed Millard Photography | Real Wedding: Here’s What A Traditional Higaonon Wedding Looks Like!


6. Vest and Slacks

An easy solution to beating the heat is simply ditching the suit jacket and sporting a matching vest and slacks. The result is a clean and polished ensemble, especially when paired with the right shoes. You can also play around with the colors of the tie and dress shirt for some added flair.

Photographer: Vital Image Photo | Real Wedding: A Heartwarming Wedding in Tagaytay with Pastel Hues


7. Button Up Shirt 

When planning a simple, fuss-free wedding, there’s definitely no need to dress up for a black tie affair. Go for a casual chic look with a clean, white shirt and dress it up with confidence. One of the pro’s of dressing down? You get to comfortably celebrate and dance the night away with your loved ones at the reception.

Photographer: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: This Couple Managed to Have a Simple Church Wedding and a D.I.Y Reception at Home!


8. Leather Jacket

If for one reason or another the groom must wear a suit, he can always change up the look with statement accessories. Styling a suit with a custom leather jacket is one sure way to make a fashion statement. Other unconventional ideas are hats and caps, scarves, or maybe even his freshest kicks.

Photographer: ProudRad | Real Wedding: Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil’s Intimate Church Wedding is Full of Out-of-the-Box Details!


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