Here’s What A Traditional Higaonon Wedding Looks Like!

In Terence and Jessa’s wedding, we get a glimpse of what a traditional Higaonon marriage ceremony is like. The Higaonon group is an indigenous group residing in North Central Mindanao. They are a peaceful community that has preserved many of their traditions since time immemorial. According to our research, the Higaonon marriage rites include the chanting of prayers by the wedding officiant, usually the Datu or an elder, to bless the couple, the practice of smearing chicken blood all over the bride and groom’s hands symbolize the sanctity of their vows. After the blood ceremony, the couple washes their hands and then proceeds to perform dances to celebrate their marriage.

It really is incredible to learn about how weddings are honored across cultures within the Philippines. No matter how different our practices are, celebrating a union is something that we all share. See the events from Terence and Jessa’s Higaonon wedding ceremony through these photos by Ed Millard Photography.

Here's What A Traditional Higaonon Wedding Looks Like!

Photographer: Ed Millard Photography / Reception Venue: Bricktime

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  1. Thank you for the feature, it was indeed our intention to showcase their culture to the world. You’ve provided us the perfect venue. God bless!!❤️

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