These Photographers Give Tips on Posing Confidently and Naturally for Your Wedding Photos!

Not all of us are used to being in front of the camera, so it’s perfectly normal to feel shy or like we have no idea what we’re even doing! We all know how important wedding and engagement photos are because they are lasting memorabilia of your most special day. These are the images you will keep for years to come and that’s why you’d want to look your very best. Our advice? Fear not for as long as you’re having fun and staying true to yourself, your photos will come out beautifully! But why listen to us when you can get tips from the talented artists behind the lens? To help you prepare and overcome a bit of that camera shyness, we talked to The Backyard Studios, Photography by Regina, and Oak St. Studios and asked for some advice. Go ahead and take some notes!

These Photographers Give Tips on Posing Confidently and Naturally for Your Wedding Photos!

Have a Good Chat with Your Photographer
It’s important to break the ice and establish rapport with your photographer so you can make your pictorials as comfortable as possible. When there is mutual trust between you and your photographer, you can expect the shoot to run as smoothly as possible. Take time in your meetings to get to know each other, express your preferences, and air out any worries you might have, so you can address everything before the engagement shoot or wedding day.

Try to have a video call with your photographer to make sure that you are on the same page regarding your photos. We strongly believe that good photos come from good communication between the couple and their photographer.

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We have to build trust with our couples starting from the inquiry phase. Setting the tone and breaking the ice right off the bat from the first conversation will help you prepare for the entire shoot experience.

Get Cozy and Have Fun

On the day of your wedding, always remember that you, as a couple, and your love story are the main stars! You’re not expected to pose like professionals, but you are encouraged to shake off your inhibitions and have fun. Trust that your photographer will capture all your best moments.

Never be shy to tell us your story. It’s the key element when my team shoots. We need to know so we can connect with you more. It's when you own your love story that you can show genuine happiness, natural body language and emotions, and your truest selves.

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Don’t be shy to get cozy and just be yourself! We can always talk and joke around. We're here to guide you and direct you on what to do. Just envision every shoot as another date or a bonding experience.

Find Your Best Angle and Listen to Your Photographer’s Prompts

If it helps, you can practice in front of a mirror and discover what your best angles are. But don’t overthink either because your photographer will also help you find the right angles and guide you to look and feel your best.

It will be a big help if you know your best angle. It will boost your confidence in front of the camera, knowing you are showing your best angle to us. Remember to have fun, too.

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We have some "non - posey" directions we give to our couples: A. Whisper anything sweet to each other. Never fails! B. Have the bride stand still, while the groom sneaks up from behind, and wraps his arms around her or maybe carry her up in the air. C. Practice your first dance!

Wear Outfits You Feel Confident in and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Planning your outfits and getting to choose the right attire will help raise your confidence to a higher level. Preparation is key. Whether you’re wearing gowns and suits or shirts and jeans, putting your looks together will give you a vision of how your photos will also turn out. Plus, outfits can also express your personalities and bring out so much character in you!

What would you wear on a date? Choose outfits that make you feel the most beautiful and handsome. Never underestimate the power of a great outfit to boost your confidence. If you are unsure, you may want to seek a professional stylist to pull off layouts for you.

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Also, get good sleep for both wedding and engagement shoots! Having enough sleep allows you to have all the energy to enjoy the day in great mood and have an A-game mindset

There Are No Mistakes When It Comes to Posing for Your Photos

There really are no strict posing rules to follow for your engagement and wedding photos. As long as you’re having the time of your life and you are enjoying sharing your love, your pictures will surely be amazing!

There's no posing mistake for us, just try to avoid doing things that can cause double chin. Trust your photographer and just try to have fun. We'll do the rest of the work.

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We are not strict when it comes to posing! As long as you are comfortable, we’re good. Technical corrections will be on us to modify like lighting, shadows, and angles.

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We wouldn't let you do things you are not comfortable with but would appreciate it if you are game for anything. We can always say, "Lets try!" Never ever be afraid to show your emotions. When it comes to poses, trust that we will guide you!


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