9 Creative Engagement Shoot Themes and Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From!

Your engagement shoot is where you can express your imagination and creativity. There are so many ways to make your photos unique, especially when you incorporate elements that are meaningful to you as a couple. When you start considering the set, venue, props, and styling for your engagement shoot session, think about what makes you happy, the activities you enjoy doing together, your passions, and even the fairytale moments you dream about! Allow yourselves to have fun because these photos will serve as extra special keepsakes. To help give you a couple of ideas, we rounded up engagement shoots with creative themes for inspiration. Read on!

9 Creative Engagement Shoot Themes and Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From!

Baking with Love

Do you enjoy baking pastries or cooking your favorite dishes together? If you share a love for whipping up meals in the kitchen, that would be a wonderful theme for your engagement shoot! You can go all-out with the props by making use of baking ingredients just like Vincent and Sheng did. The best part? You can eat the treats you make and share them with your suppliers!

Photographer: MC Project | Engagement Shoot: This Couple Baked Cupcakes and Shared Snacks for their Engagement Shoot!

Visual Storytelling

Let your creativity soar in your engagement shoot as you get some inspiration from Nico and Krizia. If you’re a fan of books and stories, you can also compose your very own poem or narrative that chronicles your love story, from beginning to present, and feature it in your pictorial. Telling your love story visually is definitely a heartwarming and meaningful idea. Your photos will be something you can keep for years and years and even share with your future kids!

Photographer: And There Was | Engagement Shoot: This Couple Turned Their Engagement Shoot Into a Poetic Narrative About Their Love Story

Dance and Performance

Your engagement shoot is also the moment to put the spotlight on your passion and what makes you happy as a couple. Franco and Rina are both passionate about dancing and they showcased that so beautifully in their photos! Movement always makes photos more interesting to look at because of the graceful lines dancers create with their bodies. Expressing yourself through your art also allows you to be as carefree as you want to be!

Photographer: Mint Modern Photography | Engagement Shoot: Love and Dance: This Couple Moved with the Music for Their Engagement Shoot

Movie Poster Remake

Here’s a fun and imaginative theme involving movies! Nikko and Kath love watching movies together, so they recreated their favorite romantic film posters with themselves as the leads. Quirky and exciting, this kind of theme will resonate in the hearts of many. You can even go beyond romance flicks by including all the movies you love watching! Plus, wouldn’t it be enjoyable to play dress up as movie characters?

Photographer: The Tophee Project | Engagement Shoot: Now Showing: This Engaged Couple Did a Poster Remake of Their Favorite Movies

Filipino Culture and Timeless Elegance

Your engagement shoot is also a brilliant reason to dress to the nines and exude elegance. Hansel and Marylou even chose a gorgeous venue with breathtaking architecture that’s reminiscent of Old Manila. If you’d like to incorporate elements of Filipino history in your own engagement shoot, you can consider locations that preserve such a similar façade and interiors. You can also dress up in a timeless terno and barong, maybe even with a modern twist!

Photographer: ProudRad | Engagement Shoot: Travel Back in Time Through This Elegant Old Manila-Themed Engagement Shoot

Vintage Romance

Giving your photos a warm and vintage feel will make them look so dreamy. #TheJoeys are also showing us how depicting cozy days indoors results in such beautiful highlights for your engagement shoot. Their outfits and overall setup also remind us of finding joy in the simple moments, like doing chores together, but with a little drama for an extra interesting aesthetic!

Photographer: Mayad Studios | Engagement Shoot: This Couple’s Engagement Shoot Shows Us the Simple Joys of Being at Home

Casual and Cozy

Sometimes you don’t need outrageous ideas to come up with a unique engagement shoot. Laidback, candid, and comfy moments make photos look even more genuine! Like Mcjo and Jucay you can have a beautiful shoot with just your favorite sweaters and sneakers, your camera, and cups of coffee.

Photographer: Kevin Davis Photography | Engagement Shoot: This Minimalist Engagement Shoot Took Place Over Coffee and Casual Conversations

Korean Drama

This is your chance to live out your Korean drama dreams! Mon and Mhy will definitely inspire you to do a Korean drama-esque shoot too because their Reply 1988 engagement themed pictorial looks absolutely amazing! Think about all your favorite dramas and reimagine yourselves as your favorite actors and actresses. Wouldn’t it be exciting to copy their outfits and hairstyles?

Photographer: Photoerin Photography and Films | Engagement Shoot: This Reply 1988 Inspired Engagement Shoot is Bringing Back All the Feels!

Creative Online Shoot

If you can’t have an in-person shoot right now, why not consider having a creative shoot online in the meantime? Eph and Cha prove that there are many possibilities, even with just a camera and a pair of smartphones. With the help of your photographer, you can pull-off a shoot that is incredible and memorable! This couple even chose a monochromatic treatment and added illustrations to their edited photos to make them look even more fun and full of personality.

Photographer: Think Happy Thoughts Photo and Film | Engagement Shoot: A Creative Monochromatic Engagement Shoot Over Facetime


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