Here Is a List of Bottled Cocktails You Can Send Out to Share a Toast with Your Loved Ones!

While we’re still observing social distancing, we can find ways to celebrate with our loved ones in safe, resourceful, and practical ways. Bottled cocktail deliveries are now gaining popularity, so you can virtually clink glasses with your friends and family for your bridal shower or your wedding day! Great conversations and fun memories are always shared with a drink in hand! So why not make the important people in your life feel included in your wedding festivities through a nice, bottled cocktail? We rounded up some local cocktail suppliers for you to check out, so you can share a toast with the people you love!

Here Is a List of Bottled Cocktails You Can Send Out to Share a Toast with Your Loved Ones!

Mood Cocktails  
If you’re looking for a great blend of fresh, cold-pressed juice, plus your favorite booze, Mood Cocktails’ selection is for you. Choose from among their premium concoctions which include Sangria, Margarita, and Cosmo, among others.

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Tara! Cocktail Delivery

Tara! Cocktail Delivery will put your guests (whether in-person or virtually) in a festive mood with their signature cocktails and Pista Collection! Their Mai Tai blend called Araw sure sounds refreshing!

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Mix Mojo

If your wedding is set for this summer, Mix Mojo’s collection for the season would be a great drink match. Your guests will surely appreciate sipping on a Tequila Sunrise or a Mango Daiquiri to beat the Manila heat!

Photo from @mixmojoph

Sebastiao Cocktails

If you’re a fan of both coffee and cocktails, then Sebastiao Cocktails’ Espresso Martini is for you. This unique blend is like having the best of both worlds and will surely make your wedding cocktail list even more special. They also have other premium selections on their menu such as Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Dalandan Vodka, Margarita, and many more!

Photo from @sebastiaococktails

Some Young

Here’s another option if you’re interested in sipping on classic cocktails with a twist! Some Young reinvents favorites with unique flavors, like adding hints of cold brew coffee to a classic Negroni. Their bottle packaging is also sleek and modern, which makes them a great idea for souvenirs, too!

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Depending on quarantine guidelines, some LGU’s impose liquor bans and restrictions. So before you order cocktails, do check your LGU’s current guidelines to be sure!

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