What Are Bridal Boudoir Photographs and Why Should You Take Them on Your Wedding Day?

So there are engagement shoots, pre-nuptial shoots, and a full-day shoot also known as the wedding day, why not add one more excuse to glam up to that list? While boudoir shoots are popularly known as risqué, bridal boudoir shoots are done a little differently, with a lot more focus on the bride’s radiant beauty. Many brides-to-be are actually unfamiliar about its history, so we’ve prepared a short briefer for your reading pleasure. In case you’re feeling hesitant or still have some unanswered questions, we are here for you with tried and tested tips as well as the answers to some of your questions! Keep reading to find out more.

What Are Bridal Boudoir Photographs and Why Should You Take Them on Your Wedding Day?

What are bridal boudoir photos?

The word boudoir originates from a French word that refers to a woman’s private salon. In visual arts, it is an intimate form of photography where the subject is usually a woman and the objective is to highlight her sensuality. While originally the term was used exclusively for women dressed in lingerie or racy clothing, it is now more loosely used with most wedding preparation shoots with brides dressed in slinky slips or even the more conservative full-length robe. The poses, clothing, and overall feel of the shoot can entirely dependent on the photographer and the subject, depending on what she is comfortable with and what makes her feel most confident.


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Why do brides take them on their wedding day?

Do we really need to list down the reasons why a bride would want to take more photos on her wedding day? Too many to mention! Kidding aside, the first reason is to set aside time to capture the bridal glow in photos. Not only are you at your freshest during your preps, but there is also nothing to distract you from perfecting your poses and getting that moneyshot! It makes for good practice and a confidence boost before spending the rest of the day in front of the camera. Another reason brides plan a boudoir shoot is as a gift for the husband-to-be. What a surprise it would be for the groom, especially if this is something unexpected of the bride’s personality. Imagine looking back at the photos decades down the line and remembering all the feels!


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what do you have to wear?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, literally! Just like with a wedding gown, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the choices. In the Western culture, women typically wear lace lingerie, or sometimes less, for boudoir photos, but for weddings closer to home, an ivory silk robe with lace applique trimmings is the most popular choice. Brides show their different personality with the varying colors, lengths, and cuts of their robes or slip dresses. Some even ditch the robe all together and opt for a sleek chemise or a longer slip dress.


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What are some easy poses I can do?

Your photographer will surely guide you through the entire process, but if you’re extra and always want to be prepared, here are a few options for you to consider. Simply smiling at the camera will do the trick, but smize-ing will work even better! You can use props like a chair or a couch as options for hand placement or try playing with your hair or your robe. Lying down in bed is another simple go-to, try lying on your belly with your wrists as the pillow or lying on your back while reclining on your elbows.


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Photographer: Helium Hearts by Marlon Capuyan | Real Wedding: A Chic Beach Wedding with Blue and Seafoam Accents


What tips can you give brides who are camera shy?

It is important that you discuss what you want as well as what you don’t want with your photographer prior to the shoot. This will help your photographer adjust and create an environment that you are comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to disclose your insecurities, that might just be the key to achieving photos you would love at every angle! This shoot is meant to bring out a different side of you, but not to pressure you. Remember to take chances and have fun while doing it! If you are still unsure, you can always ask to see samples of previous shoots to give you a better idea and help you decide.


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