Check Out These 12 Intimate Weddings That Caught Our Eyes during These Trying Times

This year has caused radical uncertainty within the wedding scene. From the Taal volcano eruption to the current COVID-19 pandemic, these chaotic times indeed crushed the hearts of many couples who planned their big day for months, and some even years. While many decided to wait and postpone until everything goes back to ‘normal’, there are still a few who braved through with a cozy celebration.

In this article, we are showing you 12 intimate weddings that stood out during these challenging times. If you still need more convincing that it’s possible to have a beautiful wedding at this time, then keep scrolling and get inspired by these couples, who are now enjoying their married life!

Check Out These 12 Intimate Weddings That Caught Our Eyes during These Trying Times

1. Geo and Rizza’s Wedding Done at a Friend’s Home

Geo and Riza were not scared to modify their plans despite being faced with trials. As the couple was set on getting married and starting their own family this year, they decided to push through and hold their intimate wedding at a friend’s home. Bride Riza also had to let go of her champagne-colored bridal gown, as her designer had to stop operations. Instead, the bride made a practical decision to buy a fine-looking, simple, white dress that she can wear on the day, and reuse in other events!


2. Nathan and Alex’s Wedding Amplified by a Spotify Playlist

Nathan and Alex told themselves that whatever happens, pandemic or not, they will tie the knot on the 10th of July. Hence, even though the original 150-guest Tagaytay wedding turned into only 15 guests, they still pushed through with their union in their local hometown. Also, kudos to Bride Alex for getting a hold of an exquisite P5,000 worth wedding dress online! The day flowed naturally with laughter, and they danced away with a playlist streamed through Spotify! It may not be the wedding that they imagined, but the couple enjoyed the sincere and relaxed atmosphere on the day!

3. Jay and Kris’ D.I.Y. Reception at Home

It’s everything D.I.Y.! Jay and Kris were set to get married a few days after the official announcement of the ECQ in Metro Manila. But due to current restrictions, the couple had to get away with a simple church wedding and hold a small feast with takeout food at home. The maid of honor arranged a bouquet for the bride and also made a same-day edit (SDE) using her phone. With only a photographer and two family members present to witness their union, they were still eager to carry out the traditional cake cutting and champagne toast in their D.I.Y. reception at home!

Photographer: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: This Couple Managed to Have a Simple Church Wedding and a D.I.Y. Reception at Home!


4. Robert and Grizelle’s Freshly Chic Wedding

Despite the current events, Robert and Grizelle still made sure they got the wedding of their dreams. The couple playfully mixed-and-matched dazzling hues, filled the area with voguish flowers, and let their youthful personality echo on the day. But, what really caught our eyes is the fairy-like, tulle, bridal gown that Bride Grizelle gracefully wore. This dreamy wedding proved that you can still have a full-of-life celebration amidst these confronting times!

Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Real Wedding: Get Ready to Add This Stylish Pink and Peach Wedding to Your Wedding Board!


5. Anton and Dan’s Wedding with Minimal Suppliers

Aside from the sophisticated, unconventional bridal romper that bride, Dan, wore on the day, we loved how this wedding genuinely drifted with minimal suppliers! Dan and Anton had a rollercoaster ride just like any other couple had during the pandemic. They had to let go of their original wedding plans, which included a few vendors due to the guest limit of the venue. But even with some missing pieces, everything worked out in the end – family came to the rescue and helped the couple coordinate everything. Plus, in spite of having no program during the reception, sincere conversations and laughter effortlessly flowed from the guests. Anton and Dan’s wedding shows that even though you had to withdraw on some wedding customs, all will work out naturally beautiful in the end.

Photographer: Pearl Studio | Real Wedding: This Bride Rocked a Romper on Her Wedding Day!


6. Arjanmar and Khaye’s Street Food Feast & Drive-Thru Reception

Isaw and dirty ice cream for reception food, anyone? Well, why not! This couple braved the pandemic and chose to creatively ‘go-with-the-flow” with the ‘new normal’. Arjanmar and Khaye blissfully faced the situation and let loose by serving the famous street food of UP Diliman and beautifully plated it for their reception! The guests were also able to express their good wishes to the newlyweds by driving thru the open-area reception. This one-of-a-kind wedding is definitely one for the books!

Photographer: Mediarama Creatives | Real Wedding: This Couple Had a Filipino Street Fare and a Drive-Thru Reception in U.P. Diliman


7. Max and Mica’s Artsy Retro Wedding

Max and Mica knew from the start that they wanted something different for their wedding. So, they rented a plain studio and dressed it up in line with their personality. The geometric neon lights matched with lush greenery were all so refreshing to our eyes! We also love how the LED wall accentually showed their virtual guests who joined them through Zoom. Oh, and did I mention the newlyweds also edited their wedding video and got some of their talented friends as part of their wedding suppliers? This off-the-wall wedding is absolutely an inspiration for their guts!

Photographer: Art of Hope Creatives | Real Wedding: Neon Lights and a Zoom Call on LED: This Creative Couple Made Their Intimate Wedding Stand Out!


8. Michael and Kath’s Living Room Wedding

No venue? No problem! Get ready to pin these photos into your mood board! Michael and Kath paraded that you can still get a stylish union in the comfort of your own home! This couple transformed their living room into an elegant wedding scene with peach and pink shades that gave so much life into the small space. Plus, you definitely cannot miss these fresh fruit centerpieces on their tables, which was a very charming touch! It’s really true when they say – there is nothing too small to make beautiful!

Photographer: Luwisi Photography | Real Wedding: This Couple Spruced Up Their Own Home for Their Intimate Wedding!


9. Brian and Nica’s Modern Filipiniana Outdoor Wedding

Who says micro weddings cannot be Pinterest-worthy? Brian and Nica were one of the many couples who had to downsize their guests and alter their wedding plans. Instead of the original church wedding plan, they pushed through with a civil ceremony in this beautiful open-area with a view of the sea and skyline. The couple elevated it more with a geometric, floral backdrop that will make you fall in love with the place even more. The Filipino bilao was a nice touch to the exquisite tablescape reserved for their dearest family and friends. This civil wedding spectated that even if you literally have one table to set-up on the day, you can still make it extraordinary!

Photographer: Rommel Cabrera | Real Wedding: A Picturesque Civil Wedding Against the Tacloban Sunset


10. Pancho and Mary 2-Day Wedding Celebration Filled with Family Love!

Pancho and Mary had a 2-day cozy wedding which became possible with the help of their families! We adore how the members of the household were so much involved with the planning and execution that they became their wedding suppliers! The bride’s brother made their online content; the bride’s sister, who is also the maid of honor, was the wedding coordinator; and the groom’s brothers became the event stylists (decorated the entire house) and cake baker! This intimate celebration proved that during these challenging times, our families are the only people you can lean on!

Photographer: Oak St. Studios | Real Wedding: This 2-Day Intimate Wedding Celebration Is Filled with So Much Love!


11. Vince and Anika’s Private Avant-Garde Wedding

To start, the bride, who is also a designer, made her ceremony dress using an eccentric textile (tweed-like textured woven fabric) that exalted her salient, classical, bridal look. The striking colored florae was also a beautiful twist to her tasteful look that we just adore! For the celebration, Vince and Anika lived up to the word “intimate” by skipping technology to livestream their wedding. This couple had a minimalist, intimate union shared with their family at the comfort of their own home, and that was more than enough for them. The simplicity and authenticity of this couple is what made this wedding certainly stand out!

Photographer: Fons Favis & Molly Martirez | Real Wedding: Check Out What Unconventional Fabric This Bride Chose for Her Wedding Dress!
Photographer: Fons Favis & Molly Martirez | Real Wedding: Check Out What Unconventional Fabric This Bride Chose for Her Wedding Dress!


12. Jon and Macy’s Filipiniana Wedding

This wedding reflected a lot of our rich Filipino culture! Jon and Macy decided to walk down the aisle in the beautiful San Agustin Church with only 10 people present–a pair from the entourage, a pair of sponsors, and a few family members. Originally planning a 200-guest wedding, this couple braved the pandemic with resilience, respect, and faith.  From the matching Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana bridal gown to highlighting their innate Filipino values during these trying times, this couple went all-out Filipino for their intimate wedding!

Photographer: JC and N Photography | Real Wedding: This Intimate Wedding is a Celebration of All Things Filipino!


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  1. Soooo beautiful! Had my wedding too on 10/10 and it was as beautiful as the weddings above. INTIMATE wedding wins! Do no postpone if at all possible. Marry now, party later when its safe. Long Beach, CA

  2. Truly inspiring amidst this pandemic. Congratulations & best wishes to all the couples & couples-to-be.

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