I’m Engaged! Now What? 8 Steps for the Bride-to-Be

You’re engaged! After being on cloud nine for a while, you start to sober up from all the love and happiness. Then, that phrase suddenly turns into, “OMG, you’re getting married!” While that’s ultimately a wonderful thing, you can’t help but feel a teeny bit overwhelmed. “Where do I start?” is the usual first thought that will pop into your mind, and you suddenly figure out that you’re not quite so sure. Not to worry, though, because we’re here to help you with that!

I'm Engaged! Now What? 8 Steps for the Bride-to-Be

Step 1: Have a general idea of when your big day will be

Everyone’s going to be asking you when you’ll get married, so it’s best to actually think about it. It’s nice to whip up a mini-timeline for you and your beau–that’ll help you guys strategize your planning as well!


Step 2: Look for pegs and compile them!

Now that the fact that you’re going to get married is starting to sink in, it’s nice to start visualizing what you want to happen! Familiarizing yourself with different themes can be really helpful so that you know what you’re leaning towards and which ones you’re not too keen on. Word of caution: Don’t settle for the first thing you see. There are tons of options out there, and they can get quite overwhelming. Don’t just follow what’s trending at the moment either–choose things that’ll reflect you and your hubby-to-be!


Step 3: Set a budget

This is crucial before you start making things come to life. You have to have a cap or range just to keep you on track. Overspending becomes easy because of the absence of a budget. And be realistic!


Step 4. Choose your tribe

It’s time to start asking your Maid of Honor, Best Man, bridesmaids, and groomsmen! These people will be your wedding party, and take note that they won’t just be attending the wedding–they’ll be helping you with preparations as well! So make sure you ask them way ahead of your wedding day so you can be sure they’ll be there for you every step of the way.


Step 5: Draft an initial guest list

This is quite a tricky task, but you should get to this right away. By drafting an initial list, you’ll get an idea of how big or small your venue should be and roughly how much budget you’ll need for your wedding. Really discuss this with your fiancé, and let both your families know the direction you’re taking as well (lots of people vs. going intimate). Remember: you get the final say!


Step 6: Talk about your non-negotiable list with your beau

By now, things are starting to take shape. But before you continue to plan the nitty-gritty details of your wedding, you and your beau should sit down and talk about your non-negotiables list first. This will help both of you come to an agreement on which suppliers to prioritize and how to allot budget. Do you really want to book a specific photographer or event stylist to work on your wedding? Has it been your dream to wear a specific wedding gown down the aisle? Talk about it and compromise depending on what you can include in your budget.


Step 7: Schedule your trip to Toast Wedding Fair

Now that you have the major details planned out, it’s time to schedule February 22-23 as your wedding supplier hunting day! Get to meet your dream suppliers at Toast Wedding Fair and get the chance to book them at a discounted rate. For the categories that you still don’t have anyone in mind, you can go around the fair and scout for ideas. It’s all about finding the right suppliers for you! Pre-register for Toast Wedding Fair to get in for FREE!


Step 8: Book your suppliers!

Your dream wedding suppliers get booked pretty quickly! Pencil them in as early as possible and if you’re already sure, book them at Toast Wedding Fair for a special discounted rate!

Pre-register for Toast Wedding Fair to get in for FREE!

And you’re on your way! Now that you’ve got the foundations covered, it’s time to get to all the details, like your gown and complete look, for example. Not feeling so lost anymore? Great! Happy planning, darlings!

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