Here’s an Online Fitness Program You Can Try Before You Walk Down the Aisle!

If you’re reading this, it means that our title caught your full attention! I mean, who wouldn’t want to look so good if given the choice, right?!

Now let’s get down to business. Do you want to look amazing on your wedding day? Do you want to feel so good about your body?

We know how much time, effort, and money you’re allotting to make your wedding day one of the best days of your life. Of course, you only want to book the best suppliers—trusted photographers, talented makeup artists, and quality designers—to make sure you’ll look your best. While these factors are great must-haves, what most couples underestimate is how big of a role a healthy body plays in how they look. It affects how clothes fall on your frame, your posture and your overall body confidence. And before you dismiss this idea saying that fitness isn’t for you, you have to understand that it can be easy and doable as long as you open your mind to it. In fact, we can confidently say that putting health and fitness on top of your wedding planning list will be one of the best decisions you’ll make!

Walk Down the Aisle in Your Best Body Ever!

Most may argue that it’s so difficult to stay fit, let alone have visible abs, but what if we tell you that we found an online fitness program that can actually help you achieve your best body for your wedding day? Timothy Ngo of The Architect PH shares with us the secret.

“Being fit isn’t difficult, expensive nor is it inconvenient. You simply need the right guidance to get you through it and achieve results.” Tim Ngo, The Architect

We All Want Results

Results always speak louder than words. So, before we talk about what The Architect PH offers, here are some (amongst many!) real success stories to start off with.


Riza Imperial Olayres
170lbs to 128lbs

“I tried going to the gym, keto diet, intermittent fasting, supplement drinks, but I always end up getting bigger because it was a lifestyle that was hard for me to maintain. I saw The Architect from a wedding group and since I was getting married myself then, I decided to give it a try.”

“I love that the program is customized and easy to maintain. At first, it was difficult because I was used to large food intake and junk food. But after some time, I learned to love the food that was good for my body. I also love that in a span of my consultancy with The Architect, I only exercise when I’m able to. It’s usually just running twice a week at the max and that’s it.”


Red Angeles
180lbs to 170lbs

“I decided to try the services of Tim six months before my wedding day. I wanted to be fit and look good on my wedding, at the same time, follow a healthy lifestyle afterwards. Before, I had no control of what I ate or drank.”

“The food they recommended are very easy to prepare. All can be bought at a supermarket or a wet market and you don’t have to spend so much. A meal can be less than a hundred pesos!”

“I didn’t have to go to the gym to workout. I didn’t buy any equipment either. I did regular exercise at home for just 30 mins every other day.”



What’s the Program

The Architect PH is an affordable and effective online nutrition and workout coaching program that will make it easy for you to achieve your best body ever. Since all the instructions and guidance are done online, it’s very convenient and personal! Even if you’re travelling or working abroad, The Architect PH will still be with you to guide you. Now that’s 24/7 service!

Once you sign up for the program, you’ll be asked to answer an assessment questionnaire. The Architect PH team will then recommend which program you’ll need to achieve your goal. You might be surprised that all it takes is for you to change your diet and eat healthier!

“90% of the cases we handle are all nutritional issues and not workout issues. We have a lot of clients who now have abs WITHOUT working out!” Timothy Ngo, The Architect

It’s never too late to be fit and healthy and a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be expensive nor bland.

"Our clients can still eat adobo, mechado, and kaldereta! Basically, 90% of the recipes online are allowed, except those which contains dairy."


Body Refine Package P3,899/month This package consists of a customized nutritional and workout plan (a gym membership is not required but this will dependent on the client's goals) depending on the client's current fitness level and goals. This also includes a set of protocols to follow during out-of-town/out-of-the-country trips.

Nutrition Only Plan P2,499/month This is our best-seller and we encourage most new clients to simply get this plan as 90% of the cases we handle are all nutritional issues and not workout issues. We have a lot of clients who now have abs without working out.

NOTE: Rates vary for international clients due to the time difference:

  • 110 USD or PHP equivalent for Nutrition and Workout(Body Refine Package)
  • 80 USD or PHP equivalent for Nutrition only

Once you enrol in the program, a licensed Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (RDN) and a personal coach will be assigned to you. Instead of paying separately for a coach and a nutritionist when you enrol in a gym, you get both at a fraction of the cost with The Architect PH! Sounds good?


Let’s Get Started!


There’s really nothing to lose–except for extra body fat and bad eating habits. If you want to chat more with the team and book their services at a discounted rate, visit their booth at the Toast Wedding Fair on Feb 22-23!


Find us at Toast Wedding Fair on Feb 22-23, 2020! SMX Hall 1, (R4F beside Eri Neeman’s booth)



Body Refine Package: P3,899, P3,699, P3,399; Nutrition Only Plan: P2,499, P2,299, P1,999 *simply present your booking confirmation from Eri Neeman made during Toast Wedding Fair to avail of the discount

NOTE: Rates vary for international clients due to the time difference:

  • 110 USD or PHP equivalent for Nutrition and Workout(Body Refine Package)
  • 80 USD or PHP equivalent for Nutrition only

If you’re ready to look your best on your wedding day, contact The Architect PH through their website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts!

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